Plymouth - Stalker (al)

Points : 40
Other rewards : adornment
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval, Windryder, Drienf, Jase
Last change : made 1 walkthrough out of 3. Please make the story a coherent one.
Last modified : 13032004


A hologram of a rough-looking military man in uniform appears in front of
you and salutes you. The hologram begins to speak...

"Greetings soldier, I am commander John Skevin of the Pyrellian Survey
Corps, commanding officer in charge of the Plymouth colonization effort.
Lately we have had a number of bizarre killings around the colony.
Colonists have been killed, apparently for simple equipment items. I need
a good, tough, persistant, and intelligent man or woman to come figure
out who or what is murdering our colonists and put a stop to it."

"If you think you can help us out, come to the government building in the
Plymouth colony settlement and ask me about the mission. I'll give you
more specific orders at that time."

The hologram of commander John salutes you again and fades out.



Comment: the trick is to get the tentacle ASAP to john, then you get a non-decaying tentacle. although you might want to add, that you have to fly away a bit with the Ixjaplg (check radar, if you can still see the sunstrider (approx x=-300).

From bays go east all the way. There 'ask John about mission'. take the map and go w, w, se, e, e and search ground. After a while you should fight an alien. Leave north after it and pick up the stuff it drops (might have to search ground). then take gun to john ' show gun to John '. Then go to the house (e, e, e, e, s, enter from bays) with the old man and the cat take the lock picks from the floor in this area. then get in a public ship. type dock sunstrider or fly to the sunstrider if you have to. Go fore fore then show gun to scientist. then go up and 'ask captain to scan'. He should find a ship called Ixjaplg. Then go d aft and use the picks on the locked door. Open the drawer in the room and get the mask put it on right away so you don't forget, also wield the gun that the alien dropped. Then go out aft and use the rock hopper to get to Plymouth.

Then get in a public ship and dock the Ixjaplg. then go up and fight the alien. After he is dead take all from his corpse and take the tentacle and go down back to your public shuttle. then go out and back to john. show him the tentacle then go to the sunstrider and show the scientist the tentacle. then go down and tell the gunner to fire at the Ixjaplg. then go back and show john the tentacle...

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