Plymouth - Stalker (al) / Force field (eg)

Points : 40 + 2
Other rewards : adornment, AC 4 shield generator
Static : No
Minimum level : Low to medium
Authors : Pval, Windryder, Drienf, Jase, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 05/02/2021


A hologram of a rough-looking military man in uniform appears in front of
you and salutes you. The hologram begins to speak...

"Greetings soldier, I am commander John Skevin of the Pyrellian Survey
Corps, commanding officer in charge of the Plymouth colonization effort.
Lately we have had a number of bizarre killings around the colony.
Colonists have been killed, apparently for simple equipment items. I need
a good, tough, persistant, and intelligent man or woman to come figure
out who or what is murdering our colonists and put a stop to it."

"If you think you can help us out, come to the government building in the
Plymouth colony settlement and ask me about the mission. I'll give you
more specific orders at that time."

The hologram of commander John salutes you again and fades out.


From the Plymouth Landing Site go 4e, ne, and kill the punk for his audio player. Then go sw, 2e to the Plymouth colony headquarters, and <ask john about mission>:

You manage to get Commander John's attention.
You ask the Commander about the mission.
Commander John smiles happily.
Commander John says: Ah!  Finally we have a volunteer who's not a noodlegut
   or a cheese brain.  Here's the information you need for your mission.
   If you need help, just ask others.  They may surprise you with their help.
   Don't bother me again until you've found something!
Commander John gives you a map and an audiocard and then goes back to his

Now listen to the audiocard Commander John just gave you, get card from player, put card 2 in player, play:

You hear Commander John say: A few weeks ago a colonist was reported missing.
You hear Commander John say: At first we thought that he had just gotten lost or
   something, but then we found his dead body, stripped of equipment.
You hear Commander John say: Soon afterward other colonists started disappearing.
   Some of their mangled and burned bodies were found, some weren't.
You hear Commander John say: We at first suspected bandits or something, but
   a search of the area came up negative for bandit activity.
You hear Commander John say: At this point we're not sure what to think.  That's
   where you come in.  I want you to search the area represented
You hear Commander John say: by the map I gave you and see if you can find 
   any clues.
You hear Commander John say: If you find any evidence of what's killing our
   colonists, bring it to me immediately.
You hear Commander John say: Please start by searching the area represented by the
   map I gave you.
You hear Commander John say: Good luck.
You hear Commander John say: This audiocard and the classified map will 
   self-destruct in two minutes.
The audio player stops because it has reached the end of the audiocard.

Next go 2w, se, 2e, and search ground. Soon you will discover a strange creature that attacks you. After a short fight the creature flees into a spaceship, but leaves behind a strange gun of some sorts, <get gun>.

Return to the colony, go s, 2w, nw, s, <enter> to enter a grumpy old man's house. Get the lock pick from the floor, get picks. And then get back to the landing site, out, n, 4w.

Press button, enter shuttle, launch, dock sunstrider, out, fore, fore, and <show gun to scientist>:

You show the strange gun to Doctor Kaia.
Doctor Kaia says: Ah yes!  This is an interesting specimen!  A Blaagraad
   disrupter pistol, if you can call it a pistol.  I guess you must be
   hunting one of those nasty things?  Well let me help.
Doctor Kaia gives you an audiocard.
Doctor Kaia says: Go and listen to this audiocard.  It should give you some
   helpful information on Blaagraads.  Also, if you think that thing might
   be flying around somewhere in the system, ask Captain Glandar to scan and
   he will probably find it, if it's there.
Doctor Kaia smiles happily and goes back to her work.

Listen to the audiocard you were just given. Put card in player, play:

You press the play button.
You hear a voice say: Blaagraads are a race of highly intelligent but
   completely antisocial creatures.
You hear a voice say: Because of their antisocial nature not much is known
   about them, but a few things are.
You hear a voice say: The average Blaagraad stands about 2 meters high from
   its foot to the top of its extended eyestalk.
You hear a voice say: They have light to dark brown skin, three triple-
   jointed legs,
You hear a voice say: two tentacles used for manipulating things, and an
   eyestalk which contains a single black eye.
You hear a voice say: Unlike humans, Blaagraads rely on methane to metabolize
   the food that they digest instead of oxygen.
You hear a voice say: Blaagraads are omnivorous, but mostly eat vegetable
   food and only eat some kinds of meat if properly cooked.
You hear a voice say: Due to the fact that they are so antisocial, they often
You hear a voice say: simply do what they like rather than attempt to
You hear a voice say: negotiate or otherwise communicate.
You hear a voice say: Blaagraads utilize a strange and advanced force field
   technology to protect themselves.
You hear a voice say: Because of this, many conventional weapons are not very
   effective against them.
You hear a voice say: This is a summary of most of what is known about this
You hear a voice say: strange and mysterious race.
The audio player stops because it has reached the end of the audiocard.

Go up, and <ask captain to scan>:

Captain Glandar says: Ok...  Helmsman!  Long range sensor sweep!
Captain Glandar says: Yea... we got something strange.

You will get the coordinates of a nearby ship, the same that the alien escaped into. It is called the 'Ixjaplg'.

Go d, aft, door, open drawer. You find an oxygen mask. Wear mask and wield gun, then go out, aft. Enter rockhopper, launch. When you arrive back on Plymouth, go out, then get a shuttle, launch, and dock ixjaplg, then go out.

There is a pile of broken equipment here, get pile. Now go up, and kill the blaagraad. When it dies, you get an odd alien device. It leaves behind a tentacle on the floor, <get tentacle>.

Go down, enter shuttle, launch, land, out, 6e to return to Commander John. <show tentacle to john>:

You give the Blaagraad tentacle to Commander John and tell him about how
it was killing colonists and stealing their equipment.
Commander John says: Ah! Good work soldier, but I still want that Blaagraad
                     ship destroyed.  Bring this thing back  after you blow
                     that thing away.
Commander John snaps to attention and salutes you.

Commander John wants the Blaagraad ship destroyed, so return to the landing site; go 6w, press button, enter shuttle, launch, dock sunstrider, out, fore, fore, <give pile to kaia>:

You give the pile of broken equipment to Doctor Kaia.
Doctor Kaia says: Hmmm.... Most of this stuff is pure garbage.  Most of
                  the electronics have been ripped right out.  Now here
                  is something of interest.
Doctor Kaia pulls some equipment out of the pile and grabs some tools.
Doctor Kair does some repair work on a piece of equipment.
Doctor Kaia gives you the repaired equipment.

Kaia gives you a field stabilizer you can use to modify the alien device you got from the Blaagraad, <modify device>.

Successfully modifying the device will give you the 'Force field' mini!

If the Sunstrider and the Ixjaplg are both orbiting Plymouth, you first need to get some distance between them. If you go up, you can fly away from Plymouth a little bit before continuing with the next part of the mission.

Go down from the scientific section, and then <ask gunner to destroy ixjaplg>:

Gunner says: That's the unknown bogey, isn't it?
Gunner says: Shooting at ships is no laughing matter, I'll have to clear this
        with the Captain.
The gunner says something into the intercom.
You hear the muffled voice of Captain Glandar give a reply.
Gunner swears under his breath.
Gunner exclaims: So that's the one that's been marauding on Plymouth!
The gunner grins evilly as he powers up the proton cannon.
Battle computer: Aiming at the Ixjaplg.
Gunner fires the proton cannon!
Battle computer: Enemy ship has been destroyed.

This is the last stretch of the mission; go up, aft, aft, enter rockhopper, launch. When the Rockhopper lands, go out, then 6e, and <give tentacle to john> to complete the mission... Congratulations!

You give the Blaagraad tentacle to Commander John and tell him about how
it was killing colonists and stealing their equipment.
Commander John says: Good work soldier!  You've completed your mission!
   Congratulations on a job well done!  Time for you to go take some R&R,
   I'd say.
Commander John chuckles politely.

Commander John gives you an honorary Lieutenant badge and carves your name
into the plaque!
Commander John says: Oh yea, and you're now an Honorary Lieutenant First Class
   in the Pyrellian Survey Corps!

Congratulations!  You have completed this mission!

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