Prometheus - Weapons plant (fv)

Points : 5
Other rewards : 500 credits, Blaster pistol
Static :
Maximum level : 1
Authors : Pval, Cruzer, Dickdale, Hamilton
Last change : Added max. level. In need of info regarding this header (static and level)
Last modified : 04042004




From bays; enter train, control, press button, storage, (wait for train to stop) leave, w, s, s, . From here, the bar is east, teller, shops and exit are west, this is spot X. Go to the plant and kill the tech with the adjustable tools. Directions: 4s of X, e, e, e, e, n, n, e. Get the tools. At the train-stop off Imperial Road (n, n, e of X) go east when the train arrives, take the metal ore, go south, repair machine and insert ore.

Now you need a crystal. It can be found inside the playground (from bays: n, w, enter) by opening crates in each of the rooms of the warehouse. Each crate gives something random, but there will generally be at least one crate that will give a crystal. It's also possible that the crystal is in the shop (a small crystal for 450 credits). Insert crystal in machine and activate machine.

If you are over level 7, hire another player to get the crystal from the playground, he/she should get the stasis bag from President McCallister  first because that seems to be a way to transfer the crystal safely from one player to another.

There is a way for players of levels >7 to get the crystal. All you have to do is kill McCallister Jr. He carries a small crystal that can be used to complete the mini.

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