Prometheus - Defend weapons plant (gh)

Points : 5
Other rewards :
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Picard
Last change : converted to html, made a walkthrough from Lsd's screen output.
Last modified : 13032004


Get plans from Drake and bring them to President...



Public Landing Field (Basin City, Prometheus) (w, n, e, s).
The shuttle Public8 has landed here
A public ship summoning button
e, e, s, s, s, e, e, e, e, kill bum, n, kill guard, n, nw, kill drake, search spot to find some documents.

exa documents, read documents, exa chair, exa cushion, exa spot, se, s, s, w, n, s, s, w, n, n, n, n, e, w, n, e, w, n, e, enter door (into mag-lev train), s, w, n, exa president, give documents to president.

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