Prometheus - Free Han and Chewie (jc)

Points : 7
Other rewards :
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Kagato, Pval, Odysseus
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From Prometheus bays: e, bribe agent (you might have to do this twice), e, s, s, w, n. You should see a friendly officer here. Ask officer for form. She'll tell you of the four different forms available. You'll need every one of these, so you might as well ask for all four. What you need to do then, is have several different officers sign and stamp the forms in order to get passes for the complex. The first form will be filled by the officers of the west side of the first floor, and the second form from the officers on the west. The third and fourth forms are filled by officers on the west and east sides of the second floor, respectively. Each of the floors will look almost like this:

     DW2   DW1  Elevator   DE1   DE2

      |     |       |       |     |


      |     |       |       |     |

     DW4   DW5      X      DE5   DE4

The form given to you by the officer will look like this: A-(Pass Request Type)-(Starting Room)

So the form A-F2-DW2 will allow you passage to the second floor, and you should give the form to the officer in room DW2. Once the officer signs and stamps the form, he'll give you a new form, and tells you the room to visit. Do this until you end up with a pass. First floor passes will grant you access to the second floor and cell block. Second floor passes will allow you to go to the third floor and release a prisoner. Get all these passes and return to the first floor, at the friendly officer's room. Now go north, insert CB pass, n, n. Han and Chewie are in the cell to the east. Insert PR pass into west card reader, and the door will open. Go East, and you'll see two familiar faces there. Han will ask for the prisoner release card, so just give it to him. You just freed Han and Chewbacca! Before Solo leaves, he rewards you with an autographed picture (yay) and 7 easy mission points.

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