Prometheus - Help Macon (jz)

Points : 3
Other rewards : 2,500 credits
Static : No
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Dcruze
Last modified : 27/09/2018


Macon says: I lost my SGLDI.	

Macon is an anthropologist who can be found in the forest on Prometheus. He has lost his SGLDI, so you have to get him a new one.

From bays, go e, bribe agent, e, 4s, 4e, kill bum, n, kill commando, n, ne, get sgldi.

Now go find Macon: sw, s, w, nw, 2w, 9n.

From the mining road keep going east/west until you find Macon. Npcs and exits in the forest rooms are randomized every time you enter, so he'll show up sooner or later - and by staying close to the mining road, there's less chance of getting lost.

Once you find him, give sgldi to macon to complete the mini. Congratulations!

You give sgldi to Macon.
Macon says: Ah yes! Thanks kid!
Macon tosses you a pouch filled with credits!
Macon walks into the jungle staring at his SGLDI.
You completed a task that made you wiser.

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