Tatooine - Free Solo

Points : 5
Authors : Windryder, Zentel
Last change : added info.
Last modified : 30112002


This mini is inactive. Replaced by Mini - Tatooine - Save Han Solo




From bays: w, 7x s, and then west to you come to Jabba's fortress, knock door, enter, w, w and now you should be next to a guard and Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Note1: Drop all your equipment and do not have a lot of cash on you in case of mini going wrong.

Then press button and Han Solo will be released, but you will be hit over the head and you will become unconscious for a while. When you wake up a guard will start attacking you, but do not worry - no harm will come to you.

Wait for Han Solo to arrive and distract guards, then ask R2, a droid which is there, to eject saber <ask R2 to eject saber>. The saber will land a little out of reach - to get it you have to use the force <use force>. Then you will start fighting the guards, and after short while the vehicle you are on will crash or something, and you will fall of near the great pit of Sarcoon.

Mini is completed. Just move east until you reach the Jundland wastes again.....

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