Toloran is another one of those holiday planets in the Panto system. This is the largest one and is naturally divided into three areas: the city with all facilities, the Park and the Skids.

The city does have a lot of fun for the travelling tourist. You can check in at the hotel and enter the sauna, buy postcards and similar. The showers near sauna seems to have a sobering effect. A little east of the hotel is the Casino where you can play roulette and do some other things. Be careful at the Black Jack table! Emma, the croupier, is so beautiful that she will take away all your concentration.

Next to the Casino is the administration building with cafe and toilets. All east you will find a bank, a shop and Bengy the fur trader. Bengy is an interesting kill for pelt-hunters, best bonus pelt in the mud, but also the one that takes the longest time. The Park is a reservation with forest, mountains and rivers. Here you will find animals of all sorts, and most of them are skinnable for pelt-hunters.

Finally you can go to the Skids. This is the place to be for those that loves skiing downhill. Rent a few skis and grab the bars to the top of the hill. There is also a ski jump in the middle of the slope where you can test your abilities as a ski jumper.

Some people say that there is a powerful creature called the Hunch somewhere in the slopes, but no one has returned after having searched for it. Killing Hunch the smart way is said to be rewarding. Interesting armour from Toloran is the Freezecoil set, parts are located on guards around Toloran, on the medic in park and on Hunch in the Skids. Hunch also carries a very nice dart gun. If you are lucky, you can also find the helmet for the black set inside the administration building.

The only slightly annoying feature with Toloran, is the barge which is the transport between the three areas. It moves very slow and is usually the main reason many players stay away from Toloran more than they would if that was not the case.