Tusbix - Free the Slaves (kf) / Maximum Security (kj)

Points : 5 / 10
Other rewards : Alternate landing bays / adornment #1 / adornment #2
Minimum level : medium (some killing)
Authors : Dcruze, Pequisto
Last modified : 20171005


   OPTIONAL: Before you start this mini, you should familiarize yourself
   with the controls of the heavy repeating blaster minigame located in 
   the Landing Bay inside the Subterranean Structure. 
   From Starport: (s, s, s, w, nw, nw, nw, enter gap).

1. First complete the "Assemble the Lance" mini so Captain Kull, the
   Alliance officer will trust you. He will tell you to meet him at
   the salon in Ather City on Ladriz (Go north three times, then west
   from the starport in Ather City).
2. Once you're there, he will brief you and give you a portable EMP
   device, and an earpiece that will allow you to remain in contact with
   him during the mini (adornment).
3. Charge the EMP device at any tap (3 times for a full charge).
4. Travel to Tusbix, then go s, s, s, s, s, enter, d, d, n, w, w.
   (Here you have to either kill the Imperials guarding the entrance,
   or you can wear a slaver's uniform and they will let you pass.
   Imperial players are always allowed access).

5. If you're not an Imperial, you have to kill the troopers here.
   Then, <use keypad> to deactivate the barrier.

6. Go w, w, s, s, s. Here you will meet a surveillance droid which
   asks you to identify yourself. Imperials can <identify self> to
   be allowed access to the southwest.
   Otherwise, you have to <play dead> and wait for the droid to
   approach you. Then, you <detonate emp> to disable the droid.
   The droid drops a security data uplink tablet which you will need
   later. The EMP has the side effect of removing all charge from
   items in the room and in players inventories (sabers, blasters etc.)


7. Now go sw, s, w, w, s, w, s, s, to the Chow Hall. There is a kitchen
   employee here you can <order meal> from. You will receive a tray of food
   and clumsily drop it, the kitchen worker will clean up the mess and
   briefly drop a grapefruit spoon. Take the spoon.

   ** Imperials need to get a tablet from one of the tables in the
      Chow Hall, <sit right table> and you will find it there.

   In the Chow Hall there is also a coffee machine that will be crucial
   in the last part of the mini, you need to get a Coffee Club membership
   card from the bookkeeper at the entrance of the Processing Facility
   before you can use it.
   Now <enter doors> to get into the kitchen. There's another kitchen worker
   here complaining about dirty dishes. You can <offer to help> him with the
   dishes and he will leave. Now you can <search dirty dishes> and you
   will find a steak knife. Take the knife. 

8. Leave the kitchen and go n, n, w, s and kill the Human Resources Officer,
   loot his corpse for the branding iron. You can use this later to disable
   an energy junction at the Bottom of ramp in the subterranean structure,
   which will decrease the damage from the turrets at the landing bay - 
   This step can be skipped though, since you can easily use an activated
   saber instead.

9. Read the tablet, to learn what is needed to initiate the shutdown
   sequence in the main power room: 
          - A Retinal scan of Master Slaver
          - A Thumbprint of an unknown subordinate

10. Make sure you keep the tablet in your inventory, and not in a bag.
    Go n, w, s and the tablet will beep, indicating that you've found the
    subordinate mentioned above. Kill him and <cut thumb from corpse>
    to get his thumb.

11. From here - go n, w, w, w, n into the Master Slaver's office. Again, make
    sure the tablet is in your inventory, it will beep in confirmation.
    Kill the Master Slaver and <scoop eyeball from socket> to get his eyeball.
    Open the drawer in his room and search it to find a tube of thermite gel.

12. Now you have everything you need to activate the power shutdown sequence.
    Go s, e, e, e, n, n, and <approach console>. Type <activate power shutdown
    sequence> and wait to get prompted for the eyeball retinal scan.
    Type <retinal scan eyeball>, wait for the thumbprint scanner to become
    active and <place thumb on fingerprint scanner>. Wait for a little longer
    and <press button> to finish the sequence.
    This deactivates an energy barrier that blocks the entrance to the slave
    pens at the end of the interior corridor.
13. Before you go there, head out, s, s, w, w, w, s, w and <uncap tube> and
    <spread gel on casing> for it to burn through a casing and damage the
    Turret Control System (reduces damage from turrets by 40%).


The rest of the mini will be a race to get to the landing bays as quickly
as possible, without letting to many of the slaves die. Getting it done
fast is important.

14. Head e, s, s, s and kill the Imperial slaver here. When he dies, he will
    drop the keys to the cells. You have to be fast and open all eight cells
    in the slave pen (located in the corners of the six-room area).
    ** Killing the slaver will start the prison break proper, and you have 
       a deadline of 8 minutes before a riot guard slaver appears, who will
       kill the slaves in a very short time (unkillable).
    Enter all the cells and the 24 slaves will swarm toward the gate in the 
    same room you killed the slaver. They will start to break open the gate,
    you can <break gate> to help them and speed things up a bit, if you
    <breathe> when you get the message that you're out of breath, your
    next <break gate> will do twice the damage.

15. Once the gate has been broken through, the slaves will continue south.
    Go s, s, and you will be ambushed by a couple of troopers. These ambush
    troopers are initially level 12 npcs, but with each successful prison
    break, their level will increase by one, up to a maximum of 19 at
    security level 8 (MAX).  They have a nasty special that instantly 
    kills one of the slaves, so killing them quickly is a must.

16. When they are dead, the slaves will keep on heading south. Go south
    once and <jam brand into junction>, alternatively use an activated saber.
    This destroys an energy junction, which reduces the turret damage by 20%.

17. Go south and deal with the second ambush. Head to the Chow Hall to sober
    and heal as needed. These guards are identical to the first, and will
    execute slaves if you're not fast.

18. Head south, and use your keys to <unlock panel>, inside you will find the
    guidance system for the turrets. <spread gel on system> will destroy it
    and remove another 20% of damage from the turrets.
19. Walk west and get rid of the last two guards, they are also identical and
    will murder the slaves if you're slow.

20. When they're dead, go west and you will finally be in the landing bays.
    You have to <open cover> and <press button> and the Light freighter
    Achilles will land. The slaves will start to board the freighter and
    you'll have to wait until at least 12 are on board. Then you can
    <give thumbs-up signal> and the pilot will take off.
    The turrets will still be 20% efficient, and you will have to mount a
    blaster in the landing bays and keep shooting them, so they will
    remain constantly stunned to keep the slaves safe.    
    ** This is a fast-paced arcade type game, and it's recommended to
       set up a keypad control, so you can play it almost like you
       would with a joypad. (It's pretty easy to do in CMUD or MUSHclient).
       Don't forget to set the power to maximum by typing <max> after 
       mounting the blaster! You will just shoot at the floor otherwise.
    If the freighter takes off with less than 12 slaves on board, it will be
    intercepted by Tie-fighters and will be shot down.

    ** The freighter can't take off if there are players on board, it
       only has room for the slaves.

21. If you're successful, Captain Kull will tell you to meet him back
    in the hair salon. Head over there and <claim reward> to get a little
    bit of money and the mini added to you (5 mp). Imperial players will
    suffer a slight Guild Point penalty, while Alliance players and
    Smugglers get a GP reward.

    Once you have the mini, you can enter the interior of the subterranean
    structure through a lift at the eastern passage, which is directly east
    from the landing bays, making it possible to skip the first six steps
    of this walkthrough.

    The mini is repeatable, and once you complete security level 8,
    Captain Kull will reward you with an additional mini (10 mp).

**  If you want to replay security level 1 (MIN) to improve your score on
    the toplist, you can kill the janitor in the subterranean structure
    and wear his uniform. Kill the slaver in step 14 while wearing the
    uniform and he won't upgrade the security alert.

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