Tusbix - Assemble Lance (kg)

Points : 5
Other rewards : Markise Force Lance (on repeats)
Static : yes
Minimum level : medium (some killing)
Authors : Dcruze, Pequisto
Last modified : 20160918


  1. Go south from bays until you get to the Processing Facility. If you're an Imperial, you're allowed access - otherwise you will have to kill the two Imperials there. There is another alternative way to get in, if you are disguised as a slaver. You can find a slaver uniform in the barracks.
  2. Enter the facility and go south and west, then kill the Imperial engineer in the Control Room and take his document.
  3. Go east, twice south and west and turn on the computer. Read the document and enter the code, then listen to the message from Captain Kull. He wants you to retrieve a weapon for him, the Force Lance - then meet him at the landing bays when you're done. Press the button to receive a printout with further instructions.
  4. Go east twice to the Medical Center, press button, grab products from casing and you will find the control pad.
  5. Go back to the entrance, and down twice to enter the Latrastone Mines. Go north two times then east until you enter a maze. This isn't too difficult to solve, and if you drop different amounts of credits or various items in the rooms, you should have it solved in 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. At the other end you will encounter a Beast. It can be a little dangerous, so make sure you're prepared for a fight. When it's dead you'll get a crystal.
  7. Get back to the entrance of the Processing Facility, leave and head to the barracks (north three times, then east). Enter the barracks and go northeast then southeast. Kill the Vehicle Scout and take his book.
  8. Go northwest, then all the way northeast and take the lift upstairs. Go southwest twice, then northwest and enter the closet. Search the top shelf to find a crossguard.
  9. Go southeast and all the way southwest. Give the book to the Imperial Army Captain. He will fall asleep and now you can enter his bedroom then search his chest for the optical lens.
  10. Assemble the lance and go back to the landing bay. Captain Kull will arrive, congratulate you and take the Force Lance from you, he will give you a little experience (2,000 exp and 3,750 credits) as well as the MP for the mini. Alliance players will get a 1,000 GP reward, but Imperials will be penalized 800 GP.

NOTE: This is a mini that will open up more areas on Tusbix, provided you follow Kull's instructions and meet up with him later on Ladriz.

You can later repeat this mini and keep the Force Lance for yourself, or you can assemble the Lance during the first playthrough and decide to play with it a little before bringing it to the bays and completing the mini, Captain Kull will still accept it even if it's not FFC.

The Lance is about as powerful as a normal saber.

For players who repeat the mini, there are only a limited amount of Lances allowed in the game. Though, you will always get it if it's the first time you complete the mini.

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