Tusbix - Expose Tierno (kh) / Sic Tierno on Reeves (ki)

Points : 3 / 1
Other rewards :
Minimum level : none
Authors : Dcruze, Pequisto
Last modified : 20160927


1.  Go to Barracks, find the living unit with the ash on the wall and note the
    phrase. (It's the blasted unit on the second floor)
2.  Go to the Medical Center and bribe Doctor Reeves.  He will give you the key
    to Tierno's safebox.
3.  Go to Tierno's Office on the 2nd floor of the facility and <whisper Tierno>
    the phrase you found on the wall in the Barracks.  Tierno will get angry
    because he thinks he has been exposed by Doctor Reeves and will go to the
    Medical Center to confront him.  Once he is gone, unlock safebox, open
    safebox, get paper from safebox.
4.  Go see Colonel Haines and give paper to Haines.  You will be rewarded with
    MPs and some credits.  Done.

You get the extra 1 mp if you do it like this, an alternative is "simply" to kill
Tierno and get access to his safebox that way (3 mp).

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