Wandering Star various

On this page you will find specifics that cannot be put into a general category.


You can get an adornment of choice (several styles of tattoos) for a substantial amount of money on the Wandering Star.  Here is a list of tatoos available as of 6/14/02 more seem to be added from time to time. 

  1. a heart
  2. a heart with ARG1 written below it
  3. a dog
  4. a snake
  5. a snake with ARG1 written below it
  6. a snake with ARG1 written through it
  7. an ewok
  8. an ewok with ARG1 written below it
  9. an ewok ARG1
  10. a freighter with 'live free' written below it
  11. a freighter with the name ARG1 blazing across it
  12. a Star Destroyer
  13. the Star Destroyer ARG1
  14. a supernova
  15. a bantha
  16. a lightsaber
  17. crossed lightsabers
  18. a DL-44 heavy blaster
  19. crossed DL-44 heavy blasters
  20. a stormtrooper with crosshairs superimposed on its chest
  21. a vornskr, crouched as if to pounce
  22. a mynock in flight
  23. the cantina band
  24. Sy Snootles, wearing a thong
  25. ARG1, wearing a thong
  26. a stormtrooper helmet with a blaster hole in its forehead
  27. an ewok with a blaster hole in its forehead
  28. ARG1 with a blaster hole in its forehead
  29. Vader's helmet
  30. Grand Admiral Thrawn's glowing eyes
  31. a stylized image of the Deathstar exploding
  32. a full-color (and intact) Alderaan with 'Never Forget' below it
  33. an Imperial Ring
  34. a New Republic Crest
  35. a cloaked, withered figure with 'Palpatine Lives!' below it
  36. a Firespray Blastboat with 'No Mercy' written below it
  37. a Firespray Blastboat with ARG1 written below it
  38. a bounty hunter in full Mandalorian Battle armour
  39. a silhouette of Vader and Luke in a lightsaber battle
  40. a silhouette of a speederbike
  41. twelve crushed rebel bodies

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