Wayland - Clone Wars (bf)

Points : 30
Minimum level : 12
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Bambam, Ambrosia, Pequisto, Dcruze
Last modified : 29/03/2021


A hologram of Gen. Crix Madine appears before you.  He begins to speak:

  "Rebel intelligence has determined the location of an old Imperial
storehouse on Wayland.  Located within that storehouse are vaults containing
technology from long ago.  Most of what is there are horrible weapons of 
destruction and dangerous experiments."

  "However, we have reason to believe an intact Clone-Wars era cloning
facility is also located in the storehouse, deep in Mount Tantiss.  If the
Empire is allowed to clone soldiers at will, millions of lives could be lost
in another Clone War.  Your job is to penetrate the Empire's defenses and
destroy that facility."

  "The recommended approach is to find some powerful explosives in
one of the Emperor's vaults, and use them to destroy the master cloning
column.  More technical data should be available in the Mt. Tantiss
library.  That's all we have, so good luck."

** Recommended levels: 15+ if you're a normal player, 12+ if you're clever.


From Wayland landing strip go w, s, w, sw, w, n, nw, n, climb path, enter intake, in. You'll end up in the ventilation control room inside of Mount Tantiss.

In this mission you will encounter some npcs that auto-attack. These are optional kills, the ones that you need to kill to proceed are noted in this walkthrough.

Your first task is to locate a standard Imperial access card, it can be in one of three random locations inside Mount Tantiss, (another copy of the card can also be found on the surface):

  1. In the Imperial Base Hallway on Level 3. From the ventilation control room, go 2e, enter lift, up, out, w, lift carpet, get card.
  2. In a Science Lab on Level 7. From the ventilation control room, go e, enter lift, 2d, out, s, e, search shelves, get card.
  3. In a Cloning Cavern on Level 6. From the ventilation control room, go e, enter lift, d, out, 2e, 3cw, get card.

Now that you have the card, you can reach parts of the compound that were previously unaccessible. Your second task is to find a Royal access card, which is located on Level 7:

From the ventilation control room on Level 4; go e, enter lift, 2d, out, e, kill officer, read card (Imperial access card) for an access code, punch <code>, enter lift, d, out, sw, s.

The second card can be in one of three locations:

  1. 2e, crawl into space, get card.
  2. s, kill the two sentries, search chests, get card.
  3. s, kill the two sentries, search bunks, get card.

If you examine the second card it tells you that it is encrypted, and needs to be sliced. You also need to sabotage the security system before you leave Level 8. Head east from the Imperial Hallway, then crawl into space and pull wire.

Backtrack to the Wayland landing strip, and go 3e, s, sit at table. Conveniently a young human slicer is sitting here, ready to give you a helping hand. Now give card to ghent, give 400 credits to ghent, get card.

Next, you need a calibrated timing device for later, might as well pick it up while you're close: stand, 3n, enter tapestry, d, press button, take device (x2).

Make your way back to the ventilation control room, then go 2e, enter lift, up, out, w, read card (Royal access card) for the code, then type <code>, enter lift, 2u, out, up.

You've entered the Mount Tantiss throne room, make sure you have good health before you try the next part. Examine the throne to make Luuke, a clone of Luke Skywalker appear! You need his codekey, and there are a few options open to you, you can kill him for it, or try to steal it, or you can <push luuke> to make him drop it. When you have it, leave by going down.

Then enter lift, 2d, out, e, kill the two sentries, insert codekey.

Next, you need to find some explosives, they can be in four different locations:

  1. Go w, type the Royal access code, enter lift, up, out, e, enter fighter, exa seat, exa explosives, get explosives.
  2. Go ne, exa junk, exa bundle, get bundle (x2).
  3. Go n, ne, exa equipment, exa shelves, get satchel (x2).
  4. Go n, nw, exa table, exa chassis, exa explosives, get explosives.

You now have everything you need to finish the mission, go back to where you inserted the codekey into the slot. Then enter lift, down, out, w, enter lift, down, out, e, exa ladder, climb ladder.

Go e, ccw, kill commander, ccw (x2), exa panel, extend bridge, wait for the clonemaster to appear, then make sure you kill him before doing the last part. Examine the timer, you notice you can fuse them with some explosives, fuse explosives, drop explosives, plant explosives.

You now have two minutes (!) to escape the mountain before it blows up.

Cross bridge, cw (x3), w, down, w, enter lift, up, out, w, enter shaft, out, d, s, se, s, e, ne, e, n, e and you're back at the Wayland landing strip.

Sit back and wait for the following message:

You look to the west and see a huge fiery explosion, sending a black
cloud into the atmosphere. That must've been Mount Tantiss.
Congratulations! You completed the Clone Wars quest!

Voila, you are 30 mission points richer.

If you don't make it out, you only end up being transported to KoBra ComCen, so it's not too dramatic.

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