Alderaan - Repair droid

Points : 5
Other rewards : some experience (800 to 1500 has been reported, looks level dependant)
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Pval, Windryder, Legislator, Zentel
Last change : textual update
Last modified : 23112002


You'll have to collect 5 parts and bring them to the building in the town.  There enter building and ask the shopkeeper to assemble the parts into a droid.


Q: Where can I find the parts?
part 1. west of the landing pad in the shades
part 2. n of the landing pad, enter warehouse. It's in a crate somewhere.
part 3. do you like sandcastles?
part 4. it's in the mound.
part 5. it's about time you got into the closet...

Q: What's the correct syntax to get rid of the parts?
A: toss <item> into bin'

Q: Well... I've tossed all items but still not finished the mini.
A: ask Wahl to fix everything


All directions are from Alderaan bays:

  • cylinder: w, search shade, get cylinder.
  • servomotors: n, enter warehouse, n, w, w, n, e, e, e, e, n, search crate, get servomotors.
  • gizmo: n, n, e, e, d, search mound, search mound, get all.
  • converter: n, n, e, e, n, build sandcastle, enter sandcastle, n, n, enter huts, w, search converters, get converter.
  • dome: w, w, s, s, s, e, follow path, e, pull lever, out, cavern, e, enter closet, search parts, get dome.

To finish:
e, enter building, 'toss <item> into bin' for each of the five items, ask Wahl to fix everything

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