Here the Organa family rules. Just south of bays their magnificent palace is located. 4 main areas, the palace, pirates cave, the warehouse and the surface. The palace has some nice features, and not to mention Bail Organa himself. Try killing him and follow him to face his tough friends. They can be very deadly for low and medium players. But they carry some interesting stuff. It is also a part of a mini, that will reward you with a very nice armour.

Pirate caves has some facilities available, and a few kills. Inside caves you can find a real funny adorner called Ol' Joe - check him out!

You can also actually make another area available by doing one of the minis there. If done right you will help those pesky Jawas building a sandcastle, that you can enter and explore it and kill in it.

The pirate area on Alderaan has recently been expanded.

Rumours have spread like wildfire about the 6th Fleet using Alderaan as their latest base of operations in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong! Apparently the Pirates have been expanding their base recently and in doing so their ships completely bypass the normal ship bays! Stop by the game room for a quick game of Dice. (and check out the new Zmud Dice trigger/status window setup)