Alderaan kills guide

This kill guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Big kills

Old Joe: He can be found he can be found in the smugglers cave (n,n,e,n,e,s,s,e,follow path,e,pull lever,out,cavern,w,w,w,n,w). 40k hp, but only wc2. He cuts his wrists and does 100-200 hit points damage to himself. Problem is when he gets low on hp, you have to do some very heavy damage, or else he kills himself. Just arm up heavily with specials and make a massive alias when he is getting close to 200-400 hit points. Killing Joe will get you an adornment.
STATS: Level: ? - Hp: 40000 - Wc: 2 - Ac: ? - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

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