Alderaan objects guide


Holo-bracelet: Do Mini - Alderaan - Alderaan Theft (ff) to get it. Will allow you to have AC100 for a limited amount of time. The holo-bracelet is charged with Force points. Costs a lot bug gives a lot :-).
STATS:  Type: computer - Ac: 100 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Wristblaster with visor: weapon class 20 with AC2 bonus when visor is worn over a helmet. Location unknown.
STATS:  Type: weapon/helmet - Wc/Ac: wc20/ac2 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Lightsaber nunchukus: Carried by Qal Qawson

The lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi, an elegant armament of a more
civilized time. However, nothing you have ever heard about or seen could
have prepared you for what you have stumbled across; a pair of lightsaber
nunchukus. According to the archives on Coruscant, this lightsaber should
not exist.

This deactivated lightsaber appears as a matching set of 2 dull finished
metallic handles, about 32 centimeters long, connected at their bases by a
chain of about 1 foot. The outline of an unknown species of dragon is
emblazened upon one of the handles, while the other bears strange markings
of an unknown dialect.

There appears to be no traditional on or off switch, but you can
probably discover a way to activate the sabers. Closer inspection
reveals that the base of each saber looks twistable.
Both handles are currently deactivated.

You can use this weapon perfectly, that is if you know the way...
The lightsaber nunchukus seems to be in perfect condition.


The Zone toothbrush: from bays: south, enter palace, west, west, south, open door, enter stall, take brush. A fun tool that adds a comm-channel and some other fun features. Funniest was probably it's description feature. Someone had it named: A left-handed Saber (wielded). People will really freak out, seeing you had two weapons wielded. 

Short-Description: The Zone toothbrush! Who would leave home without one? Its famous designer gave it lots of nifty built-in features. Type 'binfo' for more information on this amazing little piece of equipment. No serious Zoner should be without one! *-*-* Distributed by The Zone Corp. - Ing. Yoghurt *-*-*

binfo   - Will show this help screen.
bnews   - shows the latest developments in the land of hygiene.
breport - allows you to share your ideas with the BrushGods.
brush   - Say something on the brush-line (or use '$').
bem     - Brush emote command.
bteeth  - Brush someone's teeth.
breplay - replay the brush-line.
blist   - Show who currently has good hygiene in the galaxy.
boff    - Turn off your brush talk.
bon     - Turn it on again.
bfresh  - Refreshes your brush description.
desc    - Will change my description. Don't forget I'll still be a brush.
(Please don't abuse this feature. Keep it funny or educational.)

Royal Palace Hair Care Salon: In the palace you can get an adornment that will last a month from Milan, the beauty specialist (too eager).

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