Alderaan - Find Holo-bracelet

Points : 10
Other rewards : Holo-bracelet
Authors : Pval
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  1. A fine Plutonium Key - search the chandeliers on the upper floor in the palace.
  2. A pink plastic key - kill the commander in the tunnels below the palace, go to the NW corner of the palace, open door, enter door and follow the tunnel. You'll find a Bothan first and you'll die, a reanimatic is to the east and the commander is 2N from the reanimatic.
  3. Key of Knowledge on a chain - Kill the bookkeeper in the NE corner of the palace.
  4. A cheap looking Pyrite Key - Sit on Bail's throne and press button, some tough NPCs down there btw. Just enter, take the corpse or key and get out.
  5. Royal Insignia ring of Alderaan - Carried by Bail, but you'll have to kill the mercenaries first (tough)
  6. Password, get the cereal box from nampi in the kitchen open it and you'll find a holodisk, play that in the projector and the 'sound' it makes is the password.

Diamond Carbide Key on a Gold Necklace - Carried by Grizwald, from bays he is 2w, 3s, climb mountains. He asks for 5 'items' and the key he's carrying doesn't work, so simply killing him, isn't an option.

To pirates: w, w, s, s, s, e, follow path, e, pull lever, cavern.

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