Alderaan - Let the Wookiee Win

Points : 3
Other rewards : 2000 xp
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Blitzkrieg
Last change : Converted to HTML
Last modified : 01/07/2011



Where can I find the wookiee?
  • The Sixth Fleet crew likes to dice when they're off duty.
I can play the dice game, but the wookiee won't play.
  • Take a close look at the wookiee, you might be able to prod him into playing dice with you.
I keep winning, this wookiee is horrible at dice!
  • You're obviously TRYING to win. You'll get few points if you 'mark' a category that gives you fewer points each time.


From Alderaan bays: w, w, s, s, s, e, follow path, e, pull lever, out, cavern, e, e, enter lightspeed, port, fore, fore, games, poke wookiee, join, start Dice with the wookiee and lose, and you'll get 3 mps.

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