Alderaan Heals

On this page you will find specifics on each planets heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

A small unknown pub: w, w, s, s, s, e, follow path, e, pull lever, out, cavern

Name Price HPs Type
Pittin Juice 40 12 drink
Bile Beer 80 25 drink
Pirates' Pride 220 55 drink

Sam, the company junkie

Name Price HPs Type
lRx2000 pill (swallow) 165 25 drug
yorrik (smoke) 300 30 drug

Palace Kitchen: 

Name Price HPs Type
Grazer Fillets 80
Spiced Tubers 160
Nerf Medallions 240

A sophisticated cappucino machine: n,enter warehouse,n,w,s

A new and improved anti-alcohol machine.
There are two commands to operate it:

1) price : Displays the price for sobering up.
2) sober : Injects cappucino into your bloodstream.
This machine was brought to you by: The_zone Inc.

A massage therapy bed: in each of the palace bed rooms (you will need a key)

A new and improved theraputic massage bed.
This bed is guaranteed to make you feel better than
you have ever felt in the past. Achy creepy bones
holding you back? Then 'sleep' in this bed and all
your ailments will go away. Guaranteed to make you feel
better than any other bed. Especially after a long
night of drinking and partying!!!

By the way, unless you are Alderaani Royalty, this special
service will be all yours for a modest fee. All you
need is the ability to know how to use the bed which
is conveniently labeled and reads:

1) price : Displays the price for sobering up.
2) sleep : Gives you a nice, hot, steamy bed experience.

This bed was brought to you by: The_zone Inc.

Royal Ballroom: s, enter palace, n, e, e, smile, enter junction, ballroom

Name Price HPs Type
Palace Pate 0 0 food
Organa Hors D'oeurves 0 0 food
Bail's Butter Balls 0 0 food
Splendid Glumph 100 drink
Bittersweet Grazer Extract 225 drink
Big Ball Special  400 drink

request "food" from server and order "drink" from Maitre D'

Food from Kills

Name Price HPs Type
A Giant Stale Fluggle 0 35 food
Stale Beer 0 12 drink

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