Altoran is the holiday planet for those looking for something else than sunbathing and similar and want to actually get some other experiences. Altoran is divided into six areas or zones. These are artificially constructed areas that all are different and are copies of other planets around the universe. Here you can check some of them out, like weather, wildlife and vegetation, without actually going to the different planets.

Information on Campground number one:
Campground number one is a 'traditional' camping area
in a sense. It is a forest terrain to explore and 
adventure in. It would make a wonderful vacation spot
for you!
Information on Campground Two:
Campground number two will take you into the deserts
of Tatooine. The sandy terrain will make a wonderful
spot to spend your vacation here on Altoran!
Information on Campground Three:
Campground number three will take you to the icy wastelands
of the planet Hoth. Perfect for you hot blooded tourists!
Explore and be cool for once!
Information on Campground Four:
Explore the misty swamplands of the planet Dagobah!
Here on Altoran we have created this atmosphere for
your personal enjoyment! See the sites without the risk!
Information on Campground Five:
Hear the mythical Cathedral of the Winds in this 
perfect recreation of the windy planet Vortex. Float
around and be blown around by the windy climate!
Information on Campground Six:.
Explore the high reaching trees of Kashyyyk! This
camping area is a totally mastered recreation of
Kashyyyk, exclusively for your vacation!
Information on Campground Seven:
The hot lava awaits you in the holographically
mastered recreation of the planet Eol Sha. Hot
lava flows and volcanos will surround you here!
Some zones have a few kills for pelt-hunters, and one of KoBra's adorners is located inside one of the areas - the tiny robot. Else there is not much to do here, but a little mission will hopefully someday be re-released.