Altoran - Tiny Robot Ass Kicking (gp)

Points : 1
Other rewards : some experience
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Lsd, Windryder
Last change : Updated name
Last modified : 31/05/2021


Let yourself be killed by the tiny robot on Altoran. Thus it kicks your ass.


Q: Where is that Tiny robot anyway?
A: you can find it on one of the camping grounds

Q: I can't get into the campinggrounds...
A: Buy yourself a pass #2 in the shop n, n from the cabs on Altoran.

Q: I'm killing the tiny robot all the time. What's with that?
A: Put your finger in a powertap until you're nearly dead. Only then attack the robot.

Q: I STILL hit the robot to pieces.
A: Don't wear any armour and get a chemtech. Use it until it's empty. That way you won't hit the robot.


start at Panto-Prime spaceport:
n, press button, enter cab, press 2, out, n, n, buy 2, s, w, w, w, enter, s, s, w.

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