Asylum is not a very large planet even though it might seem so on occasions. When you land on Asylum you will find yourself in a village located somewhere on Asylum. Be careful not to exit the village into the wastelands. It is not dangerous, but it might take you a long time to get back without having a compass. The village has a very nice playground where you can get one of the best low level sabers.

Asylum has customs, a strange items shop, a regular shop and a blacksmith that can mould you a weapon. The weapon is expensive and not particularly decent. Northeast of the village is a tower with assassins and the Shadow wraith. This one is above average hard and gives a nice reward - the brilliantly sparkling ring or blast ring as most players call it. Inside the tower you can also find Clozap (currently not available in the game). Clozap is an adorner.

East of the village is a floating city and north a little forest / jungle area with a few kills - be careful not to fall down into the wastelands. Out in the wastelands you will find the headquarters of the Smugglers guild. To get there when not a smuggler, you need to find the smuggler in the village and rent / get a landspeeder from him.