Asylum kills guide

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Big kills

Darth Vader Wannabe: In the playground you will find Vader.  Only players level 1-5 can kill him.  Killing him gives you this adorn and An ominous black bucket.
STATS: Level: 9 - Hp: 350 - Wc: 19 - Ac: 15 - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

Clozap: killing Clozap gives you an adornment. Directions and details unknown.
STATS: Level: ? - Hp: ? - Wc: ? - Ac: ? - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

Shadow wraith
: killing it gives you a brilliantly Sparkling Ring. Go north from bays, then east. There is an agent who hands you a form. Read the form, fill out form, sign form, give form to agent. He shuts up and gives you a danger pass. Without it you cannot attack the shadow wraith. Once you have the pass, go w, n, e, e, e, ne, n, n, n. There are two dark guards. One attacks at a time, and will hit significantly hard on the very first hit. After the first hit, he hardly hits you at all, even with poor equipment. Once both are dead, proceed forward. There is a chest, and a blast ring is inside. When you attempt to open it, a shadow wraith pops out and nails you for 3-4 hits, and he hits very hard in these hits. Afterwards, like the dark guards, he doesn't hit near as hard. He has 630 hp, and can block exits. When you run low on hp, try to go south as many times as you can and you will eventually make it out. His first hits take about 60-100, so all you guys who have barely over that, bring heals, and use them when you enter.
STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 630 - Wc: ? - Ac: ? - $: 0 - Align: -3 - Max Damage: 60-100

Vanxana: carries a dark longsword called Blight. Vanxana can be found two floors up from the Shadow wraith. Quite a tough kill.
STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 700 - Wc: ? - Ac: ? - $: 6469 - Align: -3 - Max Damage: ?

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