Death Star / Tatooine - Return plans (ja)

Points : 2
Other rewards : Easier access to restricted areas on the Death Star
Static : No
Minimum level : 10 (some killing)
Authors : Barnabus, Pval, Dcruze
Last change : Simplified the walkthrough
Last modified : 11/04/2019


The Empire is looking for the R2-droid that Princess Leia put the plans for the Death Star in... You can help them by finding R2-D2 and bring him to Agent Dezix on the Death Star. Before finding R2-D2 the first problem is getting to Agent Dezix as he is on level 5 of the Death Star and that is a restricted area. To trick the system you need a Stormtrooper uniform.


Q: How can I get the uniform?


  • In the research area some testing is being done on a prototype, you may be able to attain it.
  • In the crew quarters you should be able to find some equipment amongst some troopers' personal belongings.
  • In the storage area are a number of vehicles, AT-ATs, AT-STs, tanks, landspeeders, etc. In one of them some equipment can be found.
  • In the medical station some trooper may have forgotten his equipment.
  • In the Recreation area you might find some equipment at one of the simulations.
  • You might be able to find some used equipment in the trash somewhere, e.g. in the mess hall.


You need to get R2-D2 from Tatooine first, and then to be able to access level 5 on the Death Star you need to wear a white set and wield a blaster rifle. Refer to the A New Hope mission for instructions on how to do both things.

Then, from the bays on the Death Star, go n, press button, n, ne, nw, n, e, <lift 5>. From the lift, press button, e, n, press button, 2w, nw, w, press button, n, e.

Here you will find Agent Dezix who will take R2-D2 away and reward you with 2 mp, completing the mini.


Agent Dezix calls a trooper who takes the droid away from you.

Agent Dezix salutes you.
Dezix smiles happily: Thank you for protecting the Empire. As a reward you
are not restricted with Death Star ONLY dress-code. This means that you
don't have to change armour when you come to visit us from Latem! You can
also leave the rifle behind. But please remember, we still demand proper
Imperial code of your particular battalion.

Before you complete this mini you're only allowed to go to level 5 by using a white set and blaster rifle you have retrieved yourself from the Death Star.

After you get this mini you're allowed to enter level 5 with any white armour pieces obtained from shops, Latem, or other players as long as you have the 5 pieces (helmet, armour, boots, gloves and belt), and you can now use your own weapon.

A red set will work as well, which you can obtain from the Imperial Royal Guards on level 9 on the Death Star.

You can also use a Black Set, the white armour from Tatooine or the Scout Set from Endor - but then you will need to get the belt as well since they're only four piece armour sets.

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