Tatooine / Death Star / Yavin-4 - A New Hope (bn)

Points : 40
Other rewards : Adornment, 20,000 experience
Minimum level : Medium
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Last modified : 31/05/2021


An Ithorian image appears in front of you.
We lost a personal droid of our ambassador over Tatooine, the type of
droid was R2D2. Thankfully it doesn't contain any sensitive materials,
but it makes keeping schedule most uncomfortable. We suspect that Jawa
have captured it. Please hurry before those little creatures ruin our
precious droid! We will reward generously.
This mission is recommended for levels 12 and up, for Alliance members
level 15+.	


  • The Stormtrooper uniform consists of six pieces: five pieces of armour and a weapon. Luckily all pieces can be 'found' on the Death Star. Wear it all, wield the rifle and you'll be able to go to level 5.
  • In the research area some testing is being done on a prototype, you may be able to attain it.
  • In the crew quarters you should be able to find some equipment amongst some troopers' personal belongings.
  • In the storage area are a number of vehicles, AT-ATs, AT-STs, tanks, landspeeders, etc. In one of them some equipment can be found.
  • In the medical station some trooper may have forgotten his equipment.
  • In the Recreation area you might find some equipment at one of the simulations.
  • You might be able to find some used equipment in the trash somewhere, e.g. in the mess hall.



From Bays: 4w, s, enter sandcrawler, s, exa r2, give 1000 credits to Jawa (make sure R2D2 is following you), remove fragment, listen to recording, n, out, 6w, 5s, w, s, enter, (wait for Ben Kenobi). Once Ben finishes, you can now go board the Death Star.

Death Star:

You will need the white armour set to get to level 5 on the Death Star:

The White set is only AC 4 and you need it to get access to areas on the Death Star. All parts are worn by the Imperial Speeder Bike Patrol at Despayre and by the guards at the Imperial Base at Despayre. Some pieces can be found on the troopers inside the Oppressor, which orbits Asylum. It's also possible to get the pieces on Death Star itself:

  • Prototype stormtrooper armour: from bays: n, press button, n, ne, nw, n, exa keypad, remove cover, short keypad, press button, w, exa equipment, exa armour, steal armour.
  • White Armour Gloves: From bays: n, w, enter tank, kill engineer, loot spanner and a maintenance card, out, enter AT-ST, insert card, aim landspeeder, fire, out, open hatch, enter hatch, exa dashboard, pull dashboard, take gloves.
  • White Armour utility belt: From Death Star bays: n, press button, n, nw, w, press button, enter, press 3, out, w, nw, w, sw, press button, 2w, 2sw, e, exa chair, take belt, kill NPC (Trooper or Bothan spy depending on Guild), get hook from corpse, go back to elevator for next piece
  • White Armour boots: From Level 3 Elevators: w, s, sw, press button, se, e, n, open locker 1-18. It is in one of the lockers - go back to elevator for next piece.
  • White Armour helmet: From Level 3 Elevators: w, s, press button, 3e, 2s, enter door 3, exa bike, take helmet - go back to elevator for next piece
  • A heavy blaster rifle: From Level 3 Elevators: w, s, sw, w, press button, sw, exa grate, break grate, enter grate. You are in the garbage disposal unit (remember Episode IV?). Exa garbage, take comm-link, exa comm-link, read label, press button. Exa garbage, again, get rifle, some spam will start about you screaming to C3PO to stop the disposal unit. Sit out the spam, you'll end up on level 1 - go all west, press button, enter, *Wear White Set*, press 5 twice.
From Level 5 elevators, w, nw, press button, n, kill guard (fairly easy), guard will stop combat and say:

Guard says: If you leave me alive, I will tell you a secret.

He will ask you for 500 credits, give 500 credit to guard, he will tell you a three digit code, go back to elevator.

From Level 5 elevators, w, s, sw, n, n, toss hook, 2n, 2u (now on level 7)

From level 7 lift: 2w, s, sw, e, kill Motti (somewhat tough, should be able to kill in one run with full armour and a couple heals), get code cylinder, wear cylinder, w, ne, n, 2e, lift 5, press button, e, se, 2n, toss hook, n

The code is: 52NosS

In the room north of the bridge swing, type on the keyboard the 3 digit code (exactly with caps and lowercase) this will give you the prison code, n, 2u, lift 5, press button, e, n, ne, e, press button, 2n, nw, w, sw, kill the 2 guys in that room (may require a healing run - not too bad) enter the prison code, aa23, Leia will give you the plans to the DS, leave as soon as she does, multiple guards will enter the room and attack you when she leaves - return to lvl 5 elevator.

From level 5 elevators: enter, press 1, 2e, there will be 2 guards guarding the path, toss credit, wait for guard to leave, use the force, wait for other guard to leave, path, remove panel, turn spool, cw, leave the deathstar, go to Yavin.

From bays: n, kill the guard (low wc, high hps), enter the temple, kill guard (again, low wc, high hps), temple, e, enter cupboard, look at cans, press button, 2e, give plans to Willard, he will give you x-wing keys, e, wait for briefing text, enter x-wing, attack death star.

The following will be a series of quick-time events. You have to wait for a few minutes until you see the following text:

The TIEs close in for the kill...
Red Lead explodes.
Then <enter trench>, <target port> to turn the targetting computer on.

You hear Obi Wan saying: The Force... Use the Force.
Maybe he wants you to turn off the computer?
Now <target port> to turn the targetting computer off again. Next, you have to wait until you see the following:

[radio] Falcon/Han: You're all clear, kid.
The port is getting closer...
[radio] Falcon/Han: Now let's blow this thing and go home!
The port is getting closer...
Now <shoot port>, and wait until you get prompted to land at Yavin-4:

You hear Ben speak to you...
   Remember, the Force will be with you... Always.
You think now would be a good time to return to Yavin-4
You feel a violent ripple in the Force...

You sense the Death Star has been destroyed in the Despayre system!
Now you can <orbit>, then <land>. Then wait.

You land your ship onto the field in front of the temple.
When you climb out of your ship the assembled crowd starts cheering.
You are taken to a big hall deep inside the temple.
You enter the reward hall, head held high.
You are taken to the reward chamber, where Princess Leia is waiting for you. <approach leia> to complete the mission.


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