Despayre consists basically of four areas.

  • The forest is an area for wildlife hunters and not really interesting for high levels. A few free items that can be sold to shop can be found here though.
  • The tree hut area however has an nice adorner which also is the second best pelt in the mud - the Wildcat. Quite funny kill, just watch out, those cheesy cats -do- have 9 lives :) Somewhere in the tree hut area a rebel is hiding. He might need a little help. You can also buy drugs and antidote in one of the huts.
  • The arachnor cave has a few... arachnor spiders waiting. However these small spiders are nothing compared to the big, badass spider called Cixot.
  • Finally there is an Imperial base. You will not get into it without the proper permission, but it has a few nice things to do there. A fun mini and also some interesting armour might be killed for here. All facilities are located inside the Imperial base.

The Death Star usually orbits Despayre.