Despayre kills guide

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Big kills

Cixot: Cixot is a big, badass spider in the arachnor cave. Killing Cixot gives you an adornment, but it is very, very deadly. Save this one until you have a lot of hit points and little else to do. Killing Cixot gives you an adornment and a spiked shield. Buy  antidote from Tidar, the old hermit in cabin before you fight Cixot!
STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 1200 - Wc: 25 - Ac: 35 - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

Wild cat is located up in the trees in forest. Rather funny kill, when you have killed it once it will die leaving a ghost and still have 8 lives left. For example: every time you kill one of its lives you will have one more attacking you. Each of the ghosts seems to have different specials, like making you drop equipment, attack special and lock you up and such. When all 9 lives is killed you can pawn corpse if you are pelt hunter - second best pelt in
the mud. Killing wild cat will give you an adornment, a modified Gungan shield and a ghost trap.
STATS: Level: ? - Hp: ? - Wc: ? - Ac: ? - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

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