Dynab-4 - Capture Chimaera (bj)

Points : 20
Other rewards : adornment
Authors : Pval
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Last modified : 13/09/2002


The quest consists of 3 parts

The first part is the most difficult, and takes the most time. The players need to gain control of the ship. The ship is in Wayland, enter a public shuttle and 'radio chimaera coordinates'. Fly to the coordinates they give you and board the Chimaera. Alternative is 'radio chimaera location' which will give a vector to follow.

The first problem they run into is that they cannot use the elevator to get to levels 1 and 2, they are allowed only levels 3 and 4. In order to get around this, they must defeat the elevator security systems. This consists of acquiring 3 parts:

  1. The wrench, search the clutter in the equipment room on level 4.
  2. A force field neutralizer, from the monster RGQ43, which roams levels 3 and 4.
  3. Wire cutters, on the chief engineer, in the engineering room on level 3.

With these objects, the player goes to the back of the elevator on level 4 (back_elevator), and proceed to use these devices to disable the security system. There is a choice of 5 wires they can cut, 2 of which must be cut to remove the elevator security. The remaining three will bring a guard down on them. The proper colour wires can be determined in one of 2 ways: First, the defector, always on level 3 or 4, will tell them if they ask him about the elevator security. Second, in the crew quarters in level 4, there are a few things which are coloured. Once these wires are cut, the player can use the elevator. Once they have control of the elevator, the players can proceed directly to the bridge.

Once there, they have to kill all 3 officers to be able to have the ship. There is a way in which the players do not have to fight all three monsters at the same time though. On level 2, in the interrogation room, if the players save the prisoner, the prisoner will give the players a card which will allow them to use the ship intercom. When the player is on the sub_bridge (level 1), they can use the intercom to call the pilot and weapons officer off the bridge. The captain will not come though. This way they can fight the pilot and weapons officer one at a time, which is generally easier than all 3 at once.

When the player does kill the captain, the command functions of the ship are locked out, the payers cannot use them. In order to regain control, the players need to have a scanner, available from the crew quarters on level 4, and the battery available in the cargo bay area on level 2. They need an access card, available from either killing the service droid on level 2, or finding the card in the cargo bay of level 2.

With this card, they enter the maintenance room on level 2. In there, they go to comp which is where the computer core override is. There is a list of menus that they have to read through, the code to unlock the computer is given in the Life support desc. It says that it is the bridge code. They then go back to the security section and enter the code. Once this is entered, the player receives a pin, which identifies them as the captain, and this player can command the ship. Once they get back to the bridge can take the captain's chair, they get the MP.

After they complete the above, they can now go on to the second part.

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