zMUD/CMUD triggers

This page is about making actions in the KoBra MUD game easier by using a specific client program called zMUD.

Zmud triggers

The command separator is ^ instead of ; to prevent problems with the KoBra commands.

category pattern command requirements
ships Cube says: Entering standard orbit around land a spaceship
ships Flight computer: Hyperjump completed. orbit^land a spaceship + pilot skills 100
ships Cube says: I can't move the ship. launch a spaceship + autopilot
ships Flight computer: The ship is landed. Unable to comply. launch a spaceship
ships Flight computer: We don't have enough fuel to hyperjump to that system pilot starbase a spaceship + autopilot
ships Cube says: Reached the Starbase Starbase board^out^e^buy canister^w^enter ship^fill ship^launch a spaceship + autopilot

category pattern command requirements
combat You killed get all from corpse a freshly killed corpse
combat ~[Hp ~* #BEEP hfrep on
combat Give me 125 credits NOW! pay death death + al least 125 credits
combat pay me first pay death death + al least 125 credits
combat You're busy firing the Wookiee bowcaster! cock bowcaster a Wookiee bowcaster
combat You cock the Wookiee bowcaster with great strength! fire a Wookiee bowcaster
combat The silverfish bleeps: Tracking target dive -

category pattern command requirements
misc You fail to hold on to all of your money. You drop some. get all credits money to loose
misc Points restored from the other object. wear all something to wear after being link dead
misc ^Gamedriver tells you: You are idle. look this one is illegal for kobra

The following triggers must be configured as Prompt to work correctly.

category pattern command requirements
reading ^----- More ----- ~(q or <CR>~) #CR^#GAG aliases to list
reading ^Note ~#%d More: #CR^#GAG a bulletin board note to read

The following aliases (be sure to turn the command line parsing on) can be useful. The multiple command aliases are much faster than the Kobra aliases based on the do command.

category alias name command requirements
weapons dl44 pull lever^insert pack in tap^insert pack in pistol a dl-44 pistol and a powertap
weapons rs deactivate saber^insert saber in tap a lightsaber and a powertap
weapons er deactivate armour^insert armour an ER-armour and a powertap

The following is nice to set up as a button. When pressed it does four things :

  • Ask below what level of hp's to run
  • Ask where to run to (or what else to do)
  • Ask what to do when you don't run
  • Create a trigger that does this.

When above the level it will automatically gamma (or you could change it to shape or try to drink) every time your hp's change. this button is nice to create the conditions to run when fighting big monsters like tritons elite troopers or Stargate's Q1 that can do 50+ hp's damage in one hit. You can then set the runathp variable to 100 (to be on the safe side). For the runcmd you can also enter something like a do n, e, w mud command to get you to the nearest bar. The docmd is issued each time the trigger is executed. It could be set to try to drink something or just gamma.

The command is split into several lines to make it more readable, it must however be entered as one line in zMUD.

#PR runathp^ #PR runcmd^ #PR docmd^
 #TRIGGER {~[Hp[* ](%d)}
 {%if( %1 > @runathp , @docmd, @runcmd }

The first three lines prompt you for the variables needed. The next lines set up a trigger of the wimpy class containing a trigger pattern that triggers on the Kobra hp/fp monitor (use hfrep on). If the pattern is found it's parsed for the hp's so the action taken can be made depended of the hp's value found.

The following settings for the zMUD automapper seem to work a bit for the Cruu pyramid (although it random it's still usefull to get out again).

Room descriptions are in the standard LPmud format:

You are somewhere in the labyrinth of an ancient building.
There is a hall that leads from the south to the west.
The walls on the north and east show nothing but weird writing.
There are two obvious exits: south, west.

  • Add You can't go in that direction to the Can't go that directions strings table.
  • Full Parsing table looks like: Room name Room description ^ There are * obvious exit?:
  • Have Look parsing use the FULL parse table.
  • Finally block all mortal channels (comm block all) during the mapping.

The biggest trick with the zMUD automapper is to watch the automapper window if the map follows the walking around correctly during the initial map creation. If not, correct it at once by clicking with the right mouse button on the correct location (often first move back to where you came from, so the new rooms gets painted on screen). It seems the zMUD automapper gets easily confused by rooms with the same description (and that seems to happen a lot in mazes). Also it seems to react better to full command like up and down instead of u and d.