Bounty Hunters

Most of the information on this page has been supplied by Hindmost. Kudos!

The Bounty hunters (also called the fourth order and in short: BH) are one of the major guilds along with the Imperials, the Alliance and the Smugglers.

Even though one might think of Bounty hunters as basically evil guild since they supposedly are expected to take up bounties and kill them, this is not so. The rules in BH are quite strict in how 'targets' are accepted and how they are supposed to be hunted down. The thought that the 'target' is not to be considered a person describes the idea behind BH quite well. Its only business, don't let personal feelings cloud your vision and judgment :).

Bounty Hunters are divided into 'orders' based on their honor and skills as a hunter. These are the Fringe, Central, and Elite orders. The last one is the 'fourth order' which is the leader, or the Khan as it is called in BH. The Fringe is those that are under learning and testing. The Central is where the huge bulk of hunters are. The Elite is the top 5 hunters that along with the Khan claims leadership of the BH. Elite members are also the only ones that directly can challenge the Khan for a fight over leadership. The Khan has by force or similar proven to be the best hunter and will as long as he/she can, lead the BH.


The head quarters of the Bounty hunters is the Neteru, a moving asteroid, that jumps from solar to solar.
To join Bounty hunters you need to meet the same requirements as in the other guilds. However you will need to do one more thing first. As you try to join, you will be asked to do a little mini quest do prove your worth as a hunter. As you accept, a drone will be started up and supplied with a ship to run away.

What you must do is to get a ship yourselves, pursue the drone ship, disable the ship then dock it at kill the drone. Then you can return to Neteru and actually join.


The advancement in BH is rather different than from other guilds. In the other guilds the guild points you gather by killing or doing other stuff determines your title, and more importantly - your rank within the guild. In BH however, guild points only defines your title. What BH has in addition to guild points is another ranking system. This system is based on 'honor' points, and is more dynamic than guild points. honor points you get from same kills/doings as guild points, and at in numbers as guild points. But where the gained guild points stays with you for the rest of your mud life, honor points will drop along with idle time from doing guild stuff. This drop starts 24 hours after your last guild action, and will steadily increase until a max decrease in honor points is reached after 15 days idle period. This means that if you e.g. leave the mud for a prolonged period of time, you might come back and find your honor points having dropped considerably. Maybe your rank has changed as well. The idea is that only the most active hunters shall be considered the best. An old kick-ass has-been hunter might have been good in his/her days, but by not doing any guild related stuff in ages this lowers his/her status/honor within the guild.

Even though BH has more 'kill-freedom' than some of the other guilds, BH is without comparison the hardest guild to reach the top. You will need x times more guild points to reach the top title, and there are not that many good things to kill to get good guild points.

Scoring points

Certain monsters around KoBra will give you guild- / honor points when you kill them. The most important ones are posted on the poster board on Neteru. Another possibility is to use the 'wanted' command. If you type 'wanted <monster name>' when in same room as the monster, it will tell you whether it will give points or not.

Apok_Darr Admiral Adar Tallon 1028 Lara Vinh in same room will join the fight against you
Apok_Darr / Oppressor Hale A-D 514 (A), 1028 (B), 1028 (C), 1542 (D) Harder the longer you get into the alphabet!
Apok_Darr Kadyyyr Regiment guard 180 2 guards near Adar and Lara
Apok_Darr Lyntheras 1542 Four different ones, guardians of Rapture, all have different specials
Apok_Darr Rapture 2570 This one is nasty.../td>
Apok_Darr Quattra Velle 1542 Relatively hard kill
Apok_Darr/Fortitude Big Rebel Guard 316 Three of these guards, main floor, and level 3 east and west
Apok_Darr/Fortitude Rebel Guard 199 Two of these guards, level 2 west and east
Apok_Darr/Fortitude Rebel Pilot 361 Straightforward kill
Calir Gallen Tresh 514 Straightforward kill, but his 3 thugs will join the fight
Calir Nochreilann Priest 409 Not too hard kill, but always fight alongside Shade. One pair in spacedocks and one pair down on the planet. NB: Must have entered a deal with Gallen Tresh to get the gps reward!
Calir Shade 107 Easy kill, but always fight alongside Nochreilann Priests. One pair in spacedocks and one pair down on the planet. NB: Must have entered a deal with Gallen Tresh to get the gps reward!<
Calir Thick-necked Thug 199 Gallen Tresh thugs, 3 of them. Not hard, but all 3 will join the fight
Crimson Fringe, a wacko Marine 274 Straightforward kill
Crimson The High Mechanic 920 Inside mercenary base
Crimson Imperial Mechnic 166 NorthEast of Imperial Bike/muck in battlefield
Crimson Ughshtugh 920 Inside Gamorrean base
Endor Dengar 364 Bar, Ewok village
Endor Klatoon Darsko 514 Bar, Ewok village
Kashyyyk Dengar, the bounty hunter 361 On top level 5 in the bar
Prometheus Arkudtha 235 Easy kill in Prom forest. Can find many around in the forest
Prometheus Baalt ??? Jedi all south in forest. Hard one!
Prometheus ESPO Admiral ??? Top floor in ESPO Police building
Prometheus Gang Members 46, 64, 85, 109, 155, 166, 274 In dark alleys south in city, easy kills, not much gps per npc - but many of them
Prometheus Kunupi 109 Easy kill in Prom forest. Can find many around in the forest
Prometheus The Guard 460 Guard inside the moving traing om Prometheus
Vanagar Agent 1313 409 You can't find him, he will find you!
Vanagar Automadon 514 Got some specials that will cause extra damage
Vanagar Automadons processing unit 1028 When Auto dies, he drops a unit. Return unit to Alek for gps
Vanagar MegaSlug 514 Straightforward kill
Vanagar Rozgo 409 Straightforward kill
Vector-7 Angelica 409 Straightforward kill on level 2
Vector-7 Dars 409 Straightforward kill on level 2.
Vector-7 Krul 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins.
Vector-7 Maddog 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins.
Vector-7 Neri 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins.
Vector-7 Obsidian 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins. One of the deadlier ones
Vector-7 Overkill 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins. Mr Circle himself.
Vector-7 Sith Assassin Guard 460 Straightforward kill on level 1, two guards on level 1
Vector-7 Skull 460 Straightforward kill on level 2 in bar
Vector-7 Tracy 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins
Vector-7 Vorg 514 One of the seven big V7 assassins
Zone Arsenal 514 Relatively hard kill
Zone Captain Grammel 514 Straightforward kill
Zone Elpidia 460 Straightforward kill
Zone Stf91 409 Straightforward kill
Zone Thyne Piedmann 514 Straightforward kill
Zone Yusari 514 Straightforward kill

There is also a possibility to do what is called 'scavenger hunts''. This is a dispenser that will give you a request to return certain items that can be found around the mud and insert them in the dispenser (see Smugglers page for a major list). This doesn't require much killing and most are quite easy if you are familiar with the mud. It gets quite tedious after a while though, and it is not really rewarding, since you only get the guild- / honor points for it and not the experience points / cash / equipment you get from
killing straight for points.

Guild advantages

Compared to other guilds you have quite a lot more kill-freedom in what you gain/lose in guild/honor points. Where e.g. Imperials can not kill Imperial aligned monsters because it will make their guild points drop, a Hunter can kill most things without caring about dropping in guild points. Also compared to other guilds, the stats you can choose to bonus in and which to be penalized in are more dynamic. Instead of getting a pre-set standard of stats for the area in the guild you choose, you can in BH pick stats more freely after what you want to be good at.

Another major advantage is that upon joining you can choose six skills which gain +30 on your max. You are able to enhance critical skills like medical and melee, which are highly used in fighting. Since after level 20 most of the game play will consist of fighting, the being able to choose the skills you will benefit from is a significant advantage. You can also benefit from choosing your skills in the money field. With a high bargain skill you are able to get more money for your objects in Exotic shops. Especially when the game is saturated with special items, you'd just be clogging SHS and are better off selling your stuff at the exotic shop.

If guild related player kill ever is released fully, BH will hopefully become an active part where other guild members might put bounties on other players heads and BH might try to kill these players. Also BH might be used as punishers where other players has broken the rules of the game.

Guild disadvantages

No matter what other guilds might say, the monsters you can kill to get guild / honor points are very few in BH. And not only few, but many of them are tough kills. Example is the best point giver for BH which is Rapture, which accidentally also is one of the hardest and deadliest kills in the mud. Reaching the top is almost impossible. At the time this note was written the top 5 elite and the Khan together have over 1000 days online time. Also the fact that very many players choose to join BH, makes it a very crowded guild. If you want to be special, choose Imperials or smugglers, which currently have few members.


Many players seems to choose BH because it seems to be what most highlevel players choose as their preferred guild and might indicate that it is a "better guild". This is part true as a lot of the BH members are amongst the top killers and players in the mud. But this fact makes it just even more difficult for you to become a a top ranked hunter.