Vanagar - MegaSlug (bz)

Points : 15
Other rewards : 5000 credits
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Drienf, Gabriel, Righum
Last change : Changed name
Last modified : 01/06/2021


This is an urgent distress call from Lily of the Sechifrae, 
on the backwater mining planet Vanagar. 

In an effort to gain complete control of the city of Narwhald, 
the South Narwhald Secret Police have constructed a creature, 
a terrible creature, known only as the MegaSlug. 
They plan to release it, to let it run free, devouring citizens 
until the Empire is gone, until the government is gone, until 
most of the populace is just plain GONE! 
We don't really know why they want to do this... though it might 
have something to do with all of those lead drinking glasses 
we've been giving them at parties... but anyway... they must be 
stopped! Please, find Alek, somewhere near the river. 
He can point you in the right direction!



Go to Alek (d, 2w, 2n, path, e) and tap your foot. Get the required item and give it to him. Now he will give a password. Write it down since u will have to go healing between the runs. Go w, path, 4s, enter spire. Enter closet and get the solvent. Go out. Go 4u and look at lily.

Assign for the mission, then go 4d and "type <password>". Go d. U will see a glowing wall with a colour. Get pen and paper. There are 6 different colours, u will have to combine them (red-green, purple-yellow, blue-orange for example). If you step on the wrong colour u will end up with the cyber burwurs. Type "pour solvent" and they will die (if u choose right colour, go 2d). There are six different colours, you will have to combine the colour of the wall wit the colour of the step. Combining is done by choosing the opposite colour (red-green, blue-yellow, blue orange).

Color Wheel and Color Complements

The Color Wheel describes the relationships between colours. It is laid out so that any two PRIMARY COLOURS (red, yellow, blue) are separated by the SECONDARY COLOURS (orange, violet, and green).

Primary Colours are basic and cannot be mixed from other elements. They are to colour what prime numbers are to mathematics. One can mix two primaries to get a Secondary Color. You will notice that each Secondary Color on the Color Wheel is bounded by two primaries. These are the components that one would mix to get that Secondary Color.

Color Complements are colour opposites. These colours contrast each other in the most extreme way possible. They also help to make each other more active. In the Color Wheel illustration above, the complement of the colour is used as text in that section. This is to illustrate the opposite character of the colour. Color Complements are on opposite sides of the Color Wheel.

Search pudding and then take the card. Climb chain. Kill the agent and get ready to rumble. Insert card, and wait for a few sec. Now kill the slug (type "hit crack" while fighting him) also kill the stalks first, when the slug cant see it will attack itself by mistake sometimes. When he is dead, search pile and take teeth. Goto the river bank (from Alek: w, w, w, n) and 'wash teeth'. Go back to Lily and give her the teeth.

To lower MegaSlug's hit points by a lot, get yourself a baby grundell ('search eggs' in Grundell's room) and bring him in the room. He goes wild yelling "BIG SLUG!!" He will inflict massive damage to MegaSlug.

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