Home of the Padamir knights and their constant search of the broken pieces of the Nexus blade. Padamir Knights is a mini guild that can be joined by everyone no matter what other guild you might have joined. Padamir Knights have always been a bit weird when it comes to the nice set and weapon that is available here, the Padamir suit and dirk. Reason for this is that the proficiency increase that the armour and dirk give every now and then is also counted into the numbers that decide the rank and title in the mini guild.

Vanagar itself is one of the more complex planets in the game. It requires heavy searching and carefully noticing everything you see and hear. There are two main missions on Vanagar, but no minis. There are however tons of Padamir minis, that do not give mps, but are important in your progress in the guild. Areas are South and North Narwald, the caves, the city of Rogah, Iilia the Uul Village and Hound Keepers dimension. South Narwald is the part of Vanagar that has most of the facilities.

Three adorners available: Hound Keeper, the lightning Azore and Agent 1313. Another note on the Vanagar big kills (HK, Azore, Uul clan-chief, Grundell, Automadon and Vylk the ice Uul) is that are very deadly if not done the right way - the only one that is more or less straight kill is Chief, but he can hit very hard especially when wielding his sword. All the others might require that you wear certain types of armour or do certain things to ease up the kill.