Vanagar Heals

On this page you will find specifics on heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

The Elemonto Lounge:  

Name Price HPs Type
Sluggie Soda 15 drink
Fern Wine 35 drink
Azore Blitz 20 drink
Pooki's Revenge 125 drink
Grundell Tonic 165 drink
Sluicer Slicer 225 drink
Woograr Milk 95 drink

The Uul shaman:  

Give any bone to the Uul shaman and he will drop a soft bone.

Name Price HPs Type
soft bone 0 15 food

Blumfruit Inn:  

Name Price HPs Type
water loaf 150 17 food

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