Honoghr - Prophecy (jv)

Points : 6
Other rewards : none
Static : no
Minimum level : Medium (some killing)
Authors : Dcruze
Last change : Complete
Last modified : 06/03/2020


From Honoghr bays, go all the way north to the castle, then door, and kill the guard. With the guard dead, go 2n, 6e, 3d, 2w, enter tent. You are in a mystic-looking tent where you can see a shadow behind a curtain. Draw curtain to reveal the seeress, then <ask seeress to predict the future>.

The seeress mumbles: I don't have everything I need for that.
I still need the following:
  * A weasel skull.
  * Some snake fangs.
  * A ceremonial dagger.

out, 2e, u, 6w, 2s, sw, se, and you're on the trash heap. Here, exa item, exa window, wipe window, exa window, exa object, take object, move door. You see an item behind the door, but the door is stuck and you cannot move it.

Go nw, ne, se, (garbage 7) ladder, sw, and drop a credit. Now go find find the crane that is somewhere in this ring. You can move the crane to different locations by using <move left> and <move right>. Move it to the room where you dropped the credit, and pull lever to lower the grabber, and then push button to grab the door. This moves the door in the room below.

Now go out, ne, ladder, nw, sw, se, and take object. You discover that this is the ceremonial dagger, get dagger.

Go nw, ne, se, then ladder. You will have to look for a couple of weasels in this ring. They can give you a hat as a random award, and if you examine the hat it will tell you that it is a skull. When you have the skull, exit the ring to the north.

Now go 6e, u, 2w, 2s, sw, 2s. In this barracks room, the chats in this room will give away the presence of a snake. Kill the snake and get its fangs.

Finally go 2n, ne, 2n, 2e, 3d, 2w, and enter tent. Give hat to seeress, give fangs to seeress, give dagger to seeress, then <ask seeress to predict the future>, her prophecy serves as vague hints for for the Please God mini.

The seeress takes your hand and looks you blindly in the eyes.
She stares at you for a while.
The seeress says: Hmm.
The woman says: We need to do some preparations first.
The seeress takes a weasel skull from somewhere.
The woman puts the skull on a table, upside down.
She takes some snake fangs and extracts a few drops of poison.
The woman drips the poison into the skull.
Then she takes out the sacrificial dagger.
She takes your left hand and holds it over the skull with the palm down.
Very carefully, she pinches a hole in your palm.
Some drops of blood form in the palm of your hand.
The blood drips into the skull.
The seeress rocks the skull back and forth, mixing blood and poison.
She takes your right hand and holds it over the bowl.
The woman starts concentrating.
Small droplets of sweat form on her forehead.
Suddenly a white light surrounds your hand and moves into the bowl.
The light enters the fluid and it starts changing colour.
The fluids turns orange.
The colour shifts to a dark shade of yellow.
It turns into a flat green colour.
The fluid darkens until it turns brown.
It darkens further and becomes black.
The darkness withdraws a bit, leaving behind a mild shade of purple.
The fluid turns lighter and light, into a pale blue.
Eventually, all trace of blue is gone, leaving a pure white behind.
Finally, it turns completely transparent.
The seeress sighs contently.
She says: You are the chosen one.
She says: I will reveal to you the legend of the invisible blood.
She says: When I was a small child, I had a revelation.
She says: It was about a person with invisible blood.
She says: A person with a strong will.
She says: You have just proven to be that person.
The woman pauses for a moment.
The seeress says: All I can tell you now is this:
The seeress says: Surround yourself with pure will and concentration.
She says: Given enough piety and devotion, you will reach the unreachable.
She says: You will be rewarded greatly if you do so.
She concludes: Now go and fulfill the prophecy!

Congratulations! You have completed this mini.

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