Medium sized planet with mostly jungles and forest. The main city area is build by Wookiees up in the trees. Bays are build on top of it, and you descend down through the trees using a platform. Top level bays, then you have the main facility area, below that again the residential area for the Wookiees, and in the next and the bottom level you can enter the jungle itself. There is a funny store on level 4 where you can get yourself a little pet that will follow you around.

Some nice cash can be made here, but mostly useful for low - to medium levels. Deep down in the jungle you can find a cave where the Kashyyykian Rancor is located. This is an adorner and the corpse can also be skinned and is the third most valuable pelt in the mud at the current time for pelt hunters. Just remember to get a locator device from the platform on level 1 jungle area, that will help you a lot to find your way back to the platform. Other hunts can be found in and near the jungle. An easy and rewarding mini is available.