Kashyyyk kills guide

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Big kills

Kashyyyk Rancor: go to Kashyyyk, down and then north to platform. Take platform down to level 1, the forest. At the platform on level 1, you can get a locator (forest is somewhat large). Platform is at coordinates (4, 4). Then you must find the Rancor cave. Just check the description in every room you enter, might take some time.  Location seems to change after a reset / reboot. Then enter cave and kill rancor. If you kill it you will get an adornment.
STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 1500 - Wc: 55 - Ac: 25 - $: 23000+ - Align: 0 - Max Damage: 161+ from special

If you have gotten the hunter-adorn from Dariux on Endor you will get 75 kills for Rancor. Then you will need to go to Dariux and purchase a skinning knife and get the pelt from Rancor and return this to Dariux. There is also a room in the back of Rancor-cave, which might contain some skins and shit. The skins you can sell in Kashyyyk level 4 or 5 to some fur-traders for a very good price.

Usual description of room where rancor is located:

The enormous jungle of Kashyyyk is about you. The enormous wroshyr trees reach up into the sky and out of sight. There is a very large cave here. A strong wind blows, and the enormous limbs of the trees sway back and forth with a slight creaking sound.

[locator] Current location : [ 11, 11 ].

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