Latem - Repair spear

Points : 7
Other rewards :
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Zentel
Last change : New walkthrough version
Last modified : 30112002


Go to the guest quarters and enter unit. Search trash and take bone. Get out of there (enter hole, go to the ne 
corner, enter pipes). Eat bone. Now go to the shop and buy a vibroblade, it should be there. Wield it and sharpen bone. Remove it and 'afix blade to bone'. Get the platinum bar from Samar. Go to the weapons tech. Give spear to tech and wait. When you get it back, go to the bar and give spear to Jedi. If you get it back you'll have a wc18.



Needs: 2000 credits and a lightsource.

Jump to Honoghr,  orbit and board Latem.

Out n, ne, e, ne, n, n, n, n, e, e [should be in the guest quarters at a trader called Samar who should have a platinum bar], buy bar [costs 1000 credits, you could steal or kill, but this is supposed to be the no-kill version, and killing Samar will make the Troopers autoattack you, too], w, s, light torch [or activate whatever light source you have], enter unit, search trash, get leg [that's why you needed the light source, so you could get the leg], eat leg [you should now have a bone], out, ne, ne, ne, enter pipes [you enter a dark area and have to wait til you slide down back to bays, takes maybe 30 seconds].

N, nw, w, nw, n, n, n, n, n, ne, e, e, n, w, buy vibrodagger [costs 682 credits], sharpen bone [bone is now called a spear], fix vibrodagger to spear, e, s, w, w, sw, s, s, s, s, w, s [should be at Major Christopher, the weapons tech who will ask for the spear], give spear to christopher [he'll then say he needs a platinum bar which you already got], give bar to christopher [he'll go to work on your spear. Just wait here for about two minutes or so and he'll eventually finish and drop the spear on the floor], get spear, n, e, n, n, n, n, ne, e, e, n, e [should be at the bar and Jodid Vare will ask you to give him the spear], give spear to Vare [he will work his mojo and will give you the completed spear. Congratulations! You just completed a mini worth 7 mp.

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