The Latem orbits Honoghr.

Latem is an Imperial prison space station. Because of that, nearly every monster on board of the Latem is Imperial. A nice touch is that nearly all highly ranked Imperials are women, which is explained by the presence of the Warden. Most of the monster are not so tough, but generally, the higher the rank, the tougher the opponent. There is an adorn monster in the sewers. To get out of the sewers, find the pipes where you can enter. The prison warden is quite strong and holds a saber.

On the Latem, you can buy drinks in the bar and sobers at the coffee machine. The coffee fills. The items that can be found at the Latem are not diverse nor interesting, except for the shadow saber and a cloak held by the highest officer. This cloak, much like the ER Armour from Apok Darr, reacts on the opponent's attacks and deflects them back from time to time. There are not many facilities on the Latem, except for the power tap, that is installed in the southeast corner of the station, and a shop in the north.