Latem - Rescue Tanus (bu)

Points : 25
Other rewards : Alignment decrease. Experience and equipment if you choose the kill version
Static : no (randomness)
Minimum level : 1 (15 for the 'kill' version)
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Jave, Zentel
Last change : Changed order in which walkthroughs are displayed. Added a nice walkthrough with directions. Please supply hints and a better storyline.
Last modified : 20112002


An image of an elderly man in an Alliance uniform appears.

I am here to employ your assistance in a matter of the utmost importance.
An Alliance spy sent a sub space message about two weeks ago informing us
that the Empire has begun construction on a new weapon that will 
drastically turn the tides of the war in their favor. The message was cut
short and we were unable to determine what the weapon was, who is in
charge of its construction or even where it is.

Three days ago we learned that our spy, Tanus, was captured and placed on
the Imperial prison station Latem. It is our belief that he is both
still alive and still has the information we need. If this is the case
he must be brought back to the neutral space station KoBra so that he may
complete his quest.

Expect heavy resistance and a large Imperial presence. I know that we
can count on you here. Don't let me down.

Remark1: If you are VERY clever, it is possible to do this mission without having to kill a single soul.



Do Mini - Latem - Assemble spear (gu).

Now on with the Rescue Tanus mission...], w, s, e, e, se, s, e, s, light torch [or activate whatever light source you have, technically don't need to, but it's nice to see], enter unit, out, ne, ne, ne, enter door [there's a trap door on the roof, once you enter that door you'll be in the guard tower inside the prison], n, e, search clothes [I think you automatically take the jacket, if you want to be sure, check your inventory or type 'take jacket'], get pad from jacket, w, out, nw, nw [should be in the nw corner of the prison with a pile of trash], search trash, get card, se, se, enter tower, n, u, u, w, search files, get file [you should have the TANUS file now]

E, insert card [opens door to Blaze's room], e [brings you to Blaze. She will ask for the spear you made to complete the mini], give spear to Blaze [she will look at the spear for a second or two and will give you a card and tell you you can free one prisoner], w, d, d, s, out, s, read file [you need to note what symbol it says is on Tanus' cell, usually the square, but sometimes a circle, rectangle, or cross]

There are cells going 1 east and 2 east and cells going 1 west and 2 west from this point. Go w, w, and read the descriptions of the rooms, paying attention to what mark is on the cells. Then go e, e back to your starting point and go e, e, and read the descriptions for those rooms to see what markings are on the cells. Whichever cell has the same mark/symbol that is mentioned in the file you took is the cell that Tanus is in. That is the only one you should enter and you should be standing in front of it when you do the next commands, [at this point you should be standing in front of the cell with the same mark/symbol that is mentioned in the file] insert card, enter cell [quickly, the door shuts again after a second or two, I'd even make an alias for 'enter cell' so I could do it in one keystroke], [you should be in the same cell as Tanus] give pad to Tanus [Some people you have to give the jacket to Tanus, too, and he will wear it if you give it to him. It is not necessary, though.]

If you do go into the other cells, you get out of them like this: remove panel, hotwire wires, out. You'll be getting hit by a strong, angry wookiee or a Krayt dragon at the time, so it might be worth making an alias for those commands to reduce number of keystrokes.

Guide tanus home [it should tell you Tanus starts following you], remove panel, hotwire wires, out [again, quickly before the doors shut again, and again, I use an alias just to be sure, Tanus should be following you now and should go anywhere you go], ***random***You either go east, or east east, or west, or west west, depending on which cell Tanus was in. If this confuses you, simply move all the way east and then go w, w. The first line in the description should say 'Here is the first part of the prison field.' Whatever you do, don't go south from here because the troopers will kill Tanus in two hits, [You should now be back just south of the tower, where you started before you looked for the cell] n [should be at the tower. There's usually a Stormtrooper guarding it, but he's never attacked Tanus when I've done the mission, if you want to be safe, alias 'enter tower' so you can do it quickly in one keystroke], enter tower, move tile [there's a tile with an 'X' on it that you can move, revealing a hole], enter hole, enter pipes [again, wait about 30 seconds while you slide back to bays]

Enter <ship> [or push button, enter public<#>], launch, jump dantooine, orbit, land, out, push kobra [20 credits], go kobra [once your cab gets to kobra, Tanus thanks you and leaves and you get a message congratulating you for completing the mission.

Walkthrough (with killing)

Board Latem.

Note1: A few relatively tough kills here. Kill all imperials you meet inside Latem that is standing in the way. Especially those inside prison area, and outside entrance to area (just one commander). This is just to make sure that when you have found Tanus, they will not kill him or arrest him again when you lead Tanus out. You might also need to go after heals doing the kills, and they start auto attacking you very soon, and quite a few of them hit hard.....

Note2: You might need to some of the kills twice, if Latem resets while you are doing the mission.

From bays: n, kill commander, take card from corpse (access level 3), insert card, wait for doors to open, north and now you should be inside prison area and here there should be an commander and a Sergeant that will auto attack you. To get out of prison area, youll need to insert card again and wait for door to open. Kill commander and Sergeant.

Then: n, n, enter tower. Inside tower there might be a few more Imperials. n, e (east doesn't show on the description), search clothes, take jacket, w, u, u, insert card and east. Here you will find Vixtaxia Blaze, the one that holds the shadow saber. She has the card you need to open the maximum security cells where Tanus is located (access level 4). She is pretty tough, but when she is killed: Take card from corpse, w, w, search files, take file marked "Tanus", e, d, d, s, out, s, s.

Okay, here along the south walls there are 4 maximum security cells. In one of these Tanus is located. The cells are marked with a rectangle, circle, square or a cross. If you read the Tanus-file, you will find out in which cell he is. Before you enter cell, take data pad from jacket.

Note3: If by any chance enter wrong cell, you will probably want to get out of there fast, as the inmates will auto attack you at once... :)

Outside right cell: insert card, enter cell, give jacket to Tanus, give data pad to Tanus, guide Tanus home (think that was the command). To get out of cell: remove panel, hotwire wires, out and then head back to your ship and jump to Kobra. Once there Tanus will leave you, and you got one more mission solved.....

Note4: As I have gone after the shadow saber later on I have used the AA. Then you will need to kill first commander to get card. Then use rest of AA to kill Blaze (power wont take her all the way down, but usually to bad shape). The when get rid of AA, the imperials wont attack you.

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