Pathros - Release Prisoners (gl)

Points : 3
Other rewards :
Static : ?
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder
Last change : added second version; need hints and walkthrough
Last modified : 20011230

Version 1:

Go to the rebel Creeper in the desert. On the table in the west wing, there's a cylinder. Take the contents from the cylinder (a fake set of prison keys and an injector gun). Now go to the research part of the imperial base. Go to the northwest part and get the blank ID card from one of the researchers. Go to the ID machine and make your own ID. Now go to the sergeant standing guard near the prisoners. Give him the fake keys and he'll drop the real ones. After that, kill him and all other guards in the way from the prisons to the base exit. Then open all cells and inject each prisoner with the injector gun. They start to follow you, so lead them out of the base safely. Done.

Version 2:

Pathros free rebels Mini :

Worth 3 mp's. But it also gives some of the Pathros Underground mission...

Well, go to Pathros. From bays, d, s, w, w, s, s, w, move brick, press button, w, (have a light with you) search crates, take small card. Note: This card is often missing, probably because it gives easy access to the dark saber.... Then e, e, u, w, w and now you should be in Kains Office (the one with dark saber), nod, Kain will tell you to get him a police officer badge, e, e, d, w, press button, e, n, n, kill officer, take badge from corpse and return to Kain and give it to him.

He will then give you an imperial pass that gives access to imperial base. e, e, d, w, press button, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, s, s, s, kill trooper, take all from corpse, wear helmet and armour, s, s, w and now you should be in office to Imperial officer who gives you key to prison cell across the hall. He will tell you to go torture prisoner. e, unlock door, open door, e, torture prisoner and before he dies he will give you a password (usually mangrove, prometheus, republic), w, w, imperial officer gives you a desert system and tell you to go to desert and find rebel base and see what you can find out.

Well, e, n, n, n, n, n, e, n, d, e and you should be in desert. The rebel base is hidden under the sand and moves around in the desert. You will find it by something moves under your feet and moves in a randomly direction (w, e, n, s), follow it as fast as you can in that direction, dig sand and hopefully youll find a hatch. Note: Not everything that moves under you feet is the rebel base, it could be a sand squid and they are some mean little fuckers that attacks you at once. And they hit hard. But they wont move away from you to the east, weat north or south, they are situated on the spot they moves. So be sure that it moves away from you before you start digging in the sand.

Well, when hatch is found, open hatch, enter hatch, d, d, s, s, s and know you should be in cockpit of base where the pilot and rebel leader are.

This is as far as I know the mission, but I did the mission 6-7 years ago and if you see on the floor in cockpit you will see a hatch. here you will need a card of some sort. As far as i remember you'll need to get this card and you also need to find a cube to "download plans" from the rebel base. And you probably do that from the hatch. When plans are downloaded, you just have to return the Cube with the downloaded plans to kain, and the mission is completed and he`ll give you the saber.

Well, back to the mini. If you go n, n, w from cockpit and look at table you will see a cylinder. search cylinder, take fake prison keys and Injector gun. e, u, out and now you'll have to get you of desert. Exit is not marked in the description, but it is in the northwest part of desert. Just try and go west in the northwest part. when you find it: w, u, s, w, w, w, n, e, enter pipe, d, w, n, w, w, w, w, w, w, down, dive, e, s, u and you are in a bathroom, e, kill trooper. When you killed trooper you might want to get an imperial id-card. go n, e and kill scientist.

When you attack him a trooper will come to rescue him and he is a fairly tough kill. But when it is done, take blank card from corpse, w, n, w,insert card, move switch and voila... you got a id-card with your picture on it. e, s, s, e, e, n, n, give fake prison keys to imperial sergeant and he will drop the real keys. Take keys. note: You cant kill sergeant for keys, he swallows them when he dies.

Note: If you want the assault trooper armour this is located west, north of sergeant. This is probably were the id-card comes to use, because to open doors west of sergeant you need to insert this card. To turn on lights where assault trooper is, move switch and turn dial in room west of sergeant.Then just go for it... But assault trooper have over 2000hp, but isnt that hard...

back to mini again: after getting real keys from sergeant, kill him and the reason for doing this and killing the first trooper you encountered, is that they will kill the prisoners you are about to set free instantly.

The sergeant is dead,e, e, unlock door, open door, e, inject serum in rebel 1, w, s, unlock door, open door, e, inject serum in rebel 2, w, s, unlock door etc, etc...

There are 4 cells and 4 rebels. they will follow you automatically after injecting the serum.Go back to the bathroom and go down again. Once back in the sewers the rebels will run away and shouting "Vykk saved me" and you will get 3 mission points.

Alot to do to get 3 mp's, but if you didnt know before, then now you know where dark saber and assault trooper armour is anyway.

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