Next to Gong and Endor, Pathros is also one of the very old planets. Most of the time there are very few players on the planet. There are six main areas:

  • city
  • Imperial base
  • caves / mines
  • desert with secret rebel base
  • sewers
  • secret Imperial base

Kain rules Pathros based on his position as the chief smuggler. He can be killed for the dark saber. He is also the start up for the main mission on Pathros, which is a quite funny mission. Minis are also available, but at least one of them is rather hard to do.

One armour in particular that will be mentioned is the one that the assault trooper inside the secret imperial gives. This is an ac5 main armour that has an attack special, and also a helmet will be found there with a light special. Pathros has a little to offer for all players, but basically is a low to medium level player planet. No real hard kills, except for Kain.