If you like trees and animals, Endor will be your first pick. Basically a large forest, with some hunting grounds. Ewoks has a temple there and also a village that is build up in the trees. Somewhere east of bays is an Imperial base. Here you can find IG-88 which gives several adorns, and also a Mandalorian warrior which will give a decent weapon. Some south of bays area there is a path to some mountains, where spiders and similar might be found. There is also some biggie monster inside there, the locals say.

Most people, however, visit Endor because of Dariux, the pelt trader. By joining the pelt hunting at Dariux's, you can skin corpses of certain monsters and return these pelts to Dariux who in return will give you cash for them and an adorn that depends on how many pelts/hunts you have done. This is a nice variation from the regular killing.