Pelt Hunting

If you have a private ship the skinning knife was the only item that was really worth saving, I rented a private ship for 100 credits just to save my skinning knife the first few times because I couldn't afford to buy a ship after purchasing a knife. Some good places to go for pelts are Alderaan barn for starters, Cruu sewers has a good population of Ecri to hunt. More experienced hunters should try Kashyyyk Kessel Endor Dantooine Ladriz Pathros Yavin-4 Sankturi Despayre, outside of the barn of Alderaan are plenty of other creatures to hunt, even the Avenger has a few to round up.

The advantage to level five hunting is a lot of creature become to small to hunt after level 5. As you advance in actual exp levels you can hunt fewer and fewer of the creatures that were a lot easier to kill. I would recommend hunting at least 1000 hunts before going past level 5.

Becoming a pelt hunter

First, become a pelt hunter. This is done on Endor and costs 10k. From bays: d2,e3,s8. Here you will find Dariux. To become a hunter, 'pay dariux'. To buy a knife, 'purchase knife'. (Note: when you first become a pelt hunter, you get a free knife. Each knife after that will cost 4k.) There are different knives based on your hunter level.

dull skinning knife  1-600 hunts
sharp skinning knife 601-999 hunts
masters skinning knife 1001-1999 hunts
ULTIMATE skinning knife 2000-4999 hunts
'SUPREME' skinning knife 5000+ hunts

The Supreme autoloading knife has the following abilities:

The small display beeps as you access it. Commands for the knife are:

hlist : Display the top 10 hunters
hbrag : Brag about your hunting skill
hthreaten : Threaten someone with your knife
hspin : Show off with your knife
hhunters : Show all the hunters online
hdariux : Check how many pelts Dariux can afford
htrader : Check how many pelts Toloran trader can afford
hfurrier : Check how many pelts the furrier can afford.
hnodrop *NEW* : Turn off hunting messages for session.
giveup knife : Something a true huntsman would never do!

How/what to hunt

Look at a monster. If the last line of the description is 'This animal looks like good prey.', then you can skin the corpse to get a pelt. Kill the monster with your regular weapon, then wield the skinning knife and 'skin corpse'. Make sure you remember to wield your regular weapon again because the skinning knife is wc0. (Note: barehanded, you are wc3)

Where to hunt

Level 5 offers the most things to hunt with the least amount of risk. For level 5's, the best place to hunt is on Avenger in the Hoth solar (board avenger, out, s, sw, u, to playground. 5 rats here you can skin). Also, the playground on Alderaan offers 9 pelts (n, n, enter barn, <press button for newbie equipment> n, out, to enter playground).

Alderaan also has 6 other pelts:

At-av (n, n, e, n), 2 Wookiees (n, w, climb tree), and 3 more pittins in the palace (they wander after you enter the room with them: s, enter palace, n, n, e, e). (Note: at the Wookiees, you climb the tallest tree you can for your level, so higher levels get bigger Wookiees).

Also, for slightly higher levels, Alderaan offers the ranch (n, n, e, enter gate) which has a few nerfs you can hunt. Other than that, I don't know too many pelts specifically.

There is the howlrunner on Kessel (d,w,n,w5) and the owriss on Yavin-4 (n2, e2). There are some pelts on Ladriz as well, but I don't know the specific directions to many of them.

If you are a smuggler, the 2 corellian clawdogs on the way to Drashar Sools' office are skinnable.

Higher levels may wish to take on wampas on Hoth or banthas on Tatooine. Tatooine also has 3 skinnable womprats in the water prospector mini. For more info about where to hunt, listen to Dariux.

more directions...

What to do with the pelts

When you first start pelt hunting, your pelts won't be worth very much, so sell them to the shop. Shop offers a few credits more than Dariux, but Dariux does not have the 1250 credit limit. Look at your pelts and it will say how much that pelt is worth. If it's worth more than 1250, take it to Dariux on Endor and 'pawn pelt'. If it's worth less then 1250, sell it to the shop.

What determines the price of the pelts

This depends on the knife that you use. The dull, sharp, and masters skinning knives work differently from the ultimate knife. The ultimate knife gives a price to the pelt based on the level of the creature it came from. The other knives use a 'base price' for the creature it came from, then add the number of hunts that you have to get the price. (sharp and masters get a small bonus because they are better knives).

What are 'bonus hunts'

Some creatures (of very large / tough nature) offer bonus hunts. For instance, Bengy (on Toloran) gives 200 bonus hunts. You get credit for one hunt when you kill him, and Dariux gives you another 200 hunts when you pawn the pelt to him. However, most of the 'bonus hunt' creatures don't give as many bonus hunts for 2nd+ time you kill them. For instance, the Kashyyyk rancor gives 75 or 100 bonus hunts (don't remember which) for the first time that you kill it. Each time after the first, it only gives 20 bonus hunts. The rancor in Jabba's palace is the only 'bonus hunt' creature that I know of that offers the same amount each time, but it's only 6 bonus hunts.

If you wish to know more about where to find a 'bonus hunt' creature, listen to Dariux for a while. He'll say something like 'I'd give an extra bonus for....' or 'I sure would like a pelt of....'

List of bonus pelts

  • Bat pelt is 15 bonus first time and 2 otherwise.

Money making business

The best way to get successful or wealthy at pelt hunting is to start at or before level 5. The first few hundred pelts you collect you barely make back what it costs to pay for the first knives. As a newbie I recommend hunting in the sewers on Cruu. If you can not afford a knife the corpses are worth 250 credits to the Sanitation Engineer. Go to his office at first to get a gadget. There is a barn on Alderaan that has a lot of useful info about pelt hunting. To get a hunting/skinning knife you must visit Endor and check out Dariux.

As you advance in levels some creatures that are huntable / skinnable become too small to hunt, this means you loose out on good prey. If you happen to find enough money to join 10k, the first knife is free, additional knifes are 4k. The more you hunt and skin the sharper the knife you can use and the value of the pelts go up. When you get 1250 hunts all of the pelts you make are worth pawning, taking them to a shop will give you.... shop low on money value of 1250 but the furriers can give you the actual pelt value over 1250.



  • If you have fairly low skills/atts you can go into the barn on Alderaan

Apok Darr - Sankturi

  • 3x ferret, 2-4x nephi, manthu, pralaya


  • s, sw, hatch 5 rats in there


  • gaerdux, tomoro


  • 3x nerf


  • monkey lizard, dinko, wildcat (bonus hunts, adorn monster)


  • bilmn, caluset (if you have really good atts/skills you can kill Calusets and Bilmns in the Endor hunting grounds), wookiee, titon, ewok, rankis


  • Stallion (from hon bays: all the way north, enter hatch, kill guard; n, e; kill terak; adjust spear; kill witch, some key is in the haystack, which i can use in the throne, but I'm afraid that the cannons will smoke me. The horse: search haystack; out; e; aim shield at north wall;w; turn key in key hole), stavas, vornskr


  • wampas, tauntauns


  • rancor (bonus hunts, adorn monster), preducor, other various wandering the forest


  • d,w,n,5w, kill howl runner


  • d,rent pod, pull 0,out;u;3s;ga;light lamp;2s;search debris;2n;3w;cut fence; s 2 claw dogs. 3 others random in the forest


  • d, s, w, w, search trash from bays 3 times and get 3 mylucls. s from there hack system, enter door, move crates, stack crates, climb crates, search crates, open grate, blow whistle....6 nynuph beetles. Kill all :-)


  • bantha, 3x womprats, rancor (bonus hunts)


  • tauntaun, ewok, wampa, vornskr (bonus hunts) , bloodhound


  •  (all dirs from bays)3n,nw,s, kill woolamander back to bays..3n,se,e, kill owriss back to bays..3n,cross bridge, n kill woolamander, from there e, kill sintaril. To get back to bays go s, w, cross bridge 3s.
  • 3 womprats in temple basement and 1 squirrel in a tree

Zone 6

  • peggles: w, enter stand, climb rack, e 3sw, enter grave, open coffin, enter coffin, 2d e and then e until you can go u after that (need light). From zone 6 transporters: w: enter stand: climb rack:e3sw:enter grave: open coffin: enter coffin: break bottom:2d7e2sw. to get back out go east, all north, east, then up,w3n2dw. Bat (bonus hunts) on zone 6 w;enter stand; climb rack;e;s;s;s;e;enter grave; move machine; enter hole

Hunter adornments

As a pelt hunter you get an adornment. Depending on your number of hunt, the description and your 'hunter level' change. 

1-100 Hunts : <name> is a hunter in training.
101-300 Hunts: <name> is a novice huntsman.
301-600 Hunts: <name> is a skilled huntsman.
601-1200 Hunts: <name> is a MASTER huntsman.
1201-1600 Hunts: <name> is a SUPERIOR huntsman!
1601-3200 Hunts: <name> is the largest P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R on ENDOR!
3201-4999 Hunts: <name> is an ULTIMATE hunter of beasts!
5000+ Hunts: <name> is a  SUPREME hunter of Endor! (xxxx Supreme Hunts)