Tatooine - Water Prospecting

Points : 2
Other rewards : Sand set helmet
Static : no
Minimum level : 10 (kill 3 level 14 monsters)
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder
Last change : converted to html. Complete.
Last modified : 30112002


Help a water prospector in the Jundland wastes to find a water source.


Q: Where can I find proof for a water source?
A: Best find an underground cave with puddles.

Q: How can I get the proof to the water prospector?
A: Put the water in a bottle.

Q: All hell broke loose leading the prospector into the cave. Why?
A: She was a nice meal for the womprats. You should have killed them.


Start at the Tatooine bays having an empty bottle: w, s, s, w, w, w, w (until you find the prospector)
ask prospector about source (you are given a locator). 'use locator' and follow direction until you drop into a cave s, fill bottle

There are 3 womprats in the area. You have to kill them. They are level 14 monsters. Find your way back to prospector: give bottle to prospector, 'use locator' and follow direction until you drop into a cave.

Don't forget to pick up the helmet.


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