A desert planet for smugglers and all other kinds of outlaws. Average large planet, that can be divided into three main areas:

  • Mos Eisley (main facility area with bays)
  • Jundland Wastes (most other towns)
  • Western Dune sea

Great mission here, and a few minis. Four adorners, Dash Rendar, Jodo Kast, Darth Maul, and Calo Nord. A very nice armour set is available if you are lucky enough to get hold of the special parts (sand set), and also a few good weapons. Another -real- fun thing to try out, is the podracing in Mos Espa (remember SW Episode one?). You can just try for the top lists there, or the best is to get a few players with you and race against each other. You can also shoot womprats, play some sabacc, slug betting and similar for fun. The imperial base in Mos Eisley can also be rewarding for guild members. For a nice combat challenge, kill the Krayt dragon inside the Krayt dragon cave in the Western dune sea.

Tatooine has a regular shop, an exotic shop that takes fresh from corpse items for a higher price than the regular shop and a second hand shop. There's also a mail-terminal. You can get a droid in the desert at the sandcrawler and you can hire a Jawa to make bargains for you. This Jawa really makes things cheaper! Finally, you can go to the hookers (male and female). Be sure to wear protection or you you will have to be hospitalised for treatment.