Tatooine objects guide

This guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy.


Brown vest: AC2 lightweight cloak carried by Rodian hunter in Tatooine bar area.
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc/Ac: ? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Thick suit of armour: AC 5 main carried by Dash Rendar.
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc/Ac: ? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

A Sith Lord's cloak: AC 2 cloak with the ability to improve your Force skills provided you have negative alignment, it's carried by Darth Maul.

If you'd rather have a light side version of the cloak, you can get one by completing the "Bango Blam!" mini.
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc/Ac: 2 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: negative alignment

Customized Mandalorian battle armour: Calo Nord's armour, this main offers first-class protection, as well as heat/cold protection (for use on Vanagar and Hoth).
STATS:  Type: ? - Ac: 6 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


X-Volt rifle: held by Dash Rendar (not visible in his inventory). Wand-o-death like special with 100 charges, except it must be wielded. Note that to use the charges, rifle must be powered up with standard power packs.
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc/Ac: ? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

A Sith Lord's double-bladed lightsaber: Darth Maul's weapon, among the best sabers in the game, but dangerous to get a hold of.
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc/Ac: ? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Dual Mandalorian heavy blasters: Calo Nord's weapons, these blasters are some of the best weapons in the game, if you can get them...
STATS:  Type: ? - Wc: 25 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: Level 25


Bantha skin bag: Purchase from Bantha trainer in Bestine. Quite cheap and decent bags in different sizes and weights (small, medium, large bantha bag). Large bag is the same size as the Zoner equipment bag.

An immense bantha skin bag: Reward from killing Calo Nord. This is on par with the Stasis Case, making it one of the largest bags in the game.

Ice (drugs): Heals about 60-70 hit points and Force points. Will make you stoned. From bays: e, climb fence, s, s, e, buy ice from Tromog. Watch out, though. You can take an overdose of this stuff and lose hit points and Force points.

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