Tatooine - Bango Blam! (kl)

Points : 2
Minimum level : none
Authors : Dcruze
Last modified : 27/06/2017


Wash a tainted cloak.


You will need a Sith cloak , one of the rewards for killing Darth Maul, to complete this mini.

Go to Obi-Wan's house on Tatooine (from bays): w, sw (x6), w (x4), s, enter.

Now, <search shelf>, and you'll find a box of "Bango Blam!" detergent.

Walk north, and <examine washing machine>, you can see that it has a drawer for detergent, an internal basket and a door.

** Warning: There is no way to undo this and get your Sith cloak back, so take that into consideration before you proceed.

First <open door>, then fill the drawer with detergent, <add detergent>. Now you can <insert cloak> to wash your Sith cloak, and end up with a Jedi cloak instead.

The Jedi cloak will work the same way as the Sith cloak, by improving your Force skills, but instead of requiring negative alignment, it requires positive alignment instead.

When you get your Jedi cloak, you will have completed the mini.

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