Apok Darr objects guide

This guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy.


Bat-com helmet: Force points free tells to other with helmets, peer-special. Carried by Adar, Lara, Kayl, Jaro.
STATS:  Type: helmet - Ac: 1 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Bat-tas helmet: Force points free tells to other with helmets, peer-special. Carried by Adar, Lara, Kayl, Jaro.
STATS:  Type: helmet - Ac: 1 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

ER-armour: Also called by its full name: Jagutai Electro-Reactive armour. Carried by Devastator. AC2-5 main (deactivated/activated) that will randomly give a nice attack special when activated in combat.
STATS:  Type: armour - Ac: 2 deactivated/5 activated? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Flowing black cloak: With carry special for weapons. Reward for killing Singh Quatt.
STATS:  Type: cloak - Ac: 2 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Pair of field glasses: Enables you to spy in a specified direction. Carried by Gunny.
STATS:  Type: computer - Ac: 1 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Shield of apocalypse: Assemble scales after killing Rapture. One usually has to kill rapture repeatedly to have enough scales for a complete shield. Has attack and heal specials.
STATS:  Type: shield - Ac: 4 (based on skills?) - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

TK set: parts of the TK-set can be found on Apok Darr.


Jagutai hybrid saber: carried by Devastator or Ravage. Can only be used by level 15+ players.
STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: ? - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Lloyd's shotgun: Held by Lloyd, the barkeeper on Apok. The shotgun has a little 'cock' special. Little damage, but nice feature sometimes.
STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: 10 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Rifle with grenade launcher: kill Gunny. Rifle that can be loaded with different kinds of grenades that can be bought from the dispenser on Victory base, bottom level. The grenades come in different versions, some do better damage than others. With this weapon you can do damage to all livings in one room.
STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: 17 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Amphora: Reward for killing Rapture. Makes you able to splash blood from Rapture on an opponent when fighting them which drains force points from the opponent while healing you. Actually you can splash any monster, not just the one you are fighting. The amphora has 5 doses and can be refilled by killing Rapture again. (only if you kill him with the help of the Generator, a no-gen kill leaves no corpse)

AV-6 Backpack: Purchase from sergeant Van'jia in the Human base. Nice and light bags.

AV-7 Backpack: held by sergeant Van'jia in the Human base. Not as large as a stasis case, but still large and most importantly lightweight. Definitely the most popular bag in the mud.

Chronometer: From bays Apok Darr: n, w, n, w, press button, enter, go, u, e, e, ne, purchase chronometer. Autoloading object that allows you to check all your vital stats. Works like an advanced combination of the commands score, atts and skills. Also have some other nice features. This can be updated by completing Mini - Death Star - Do exercises (is).

Geo-scanner: can be acquired at the station. It maps the environment.

Generator: This generator can be used to make the killing of Rapture a little less hard.

Death Shard: allows you to use Omega Beams if you're level 21 or higher. Costs 35 Force points and does more damage than gamma. Carried by Singh Quatt.

Glasses: lets you spy in a certain direction, thus giving you a view of the room in that direction. Unknown where to be aquired.

Life shard of temujin: Reward from killing Quatra Velle on Sankturi. The shard will heal you sometimes with 'rejuvenate'.

Magma cannon: Reward for killing Rapture. Actually you get the Toolbox from Rapture, the toolbox is used to remove the Cannon from its location at the end of the Dao'Nud beach. Reduces you opponents hit points by a percent, this is skills based, reports from 33% up to 45%. Weight is heavy.

Reptilian scale: You'll get 'Large reptilian scale' if you've killed Rapture. This item will give you some info when Rapture is attacked or in other states.

Scale: reward for killing Rapture. Can be used to assemble a Shield of apocalypse.

Stasis case: Reward from killing Rapture. Largest bag in the game along with Garga's rusty old bucket.

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