Apok Darr

A huge war-torn planet - home of the legend of Rapture. It is a dangerous place for lower levels. On this planet, humans and robots are in heavy war. The robots are sometimes disguised as humans, so you can be fooled. This is all on the battlefield. Bays and bar/shop area is rather safe.

Besides the battlefield, there are a number of other areas. There are the landing base, where most facilities are, the rebel base, the Nyoprol building, Rapture's mountain, the beach, Nemysis's production area. The last three of these areas are hidden slightly, with reason. These can lead to very dangerous places. When walking around on this battlefield, be sure to wear boots, to prevent extensive damage due to landmines. Also have an alias for 'dive for cover' when hunted by those nasty dagger backs. Both can do up to 50Hp damage due to an explosion. If your experienced, you can make money fast around this planet. There are several nice items here as well.

Great mission and tons of minis here as well as at least four adorn monsters. The bays has a fun game called Conq where Jedi and mortals can whack "each other". If you are looking for nice experience points, good armour and weapons, loads of specials etc., etc., Apok will be one of your first choices. Be aware: the battlefields are legal area for player kill.

Facilities: the powertap is not bound to a single place. It wanders around on the station in the form of the PoD-droid. Bags can be acquired at the rebel building, some officer sells the bags. A mail-reader and rooms for acquiring skills and atts are on the station. The skills and atts are mainly combat-oriented. Examples are blaster, explosives, survival and strength. A Teller robot is on the lowest level of the station. Apok has unlimited drinks and sobers in the bar. You can get food in the candy machine in the abandoned house in the battlefields. For directions, see Various Apok information.