Tatooine - Episode I: Racer (cl)

Points : 40
Other rewards : Cash (repeatable)
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Dcruze, Blitzkrieg
Last change : New formatting, cleanup
Last modified : 12/09/2014


For generations, the GALACTIC PODRACING CIRCUIT has thrilled citizens of the
Outer Rim Territories with its fast and dangerous contests of repulsor and
turbine driven land vehicles.
Amid the ruffian and racing elite, one champion stands above the rest. His
name is Sebulba, a cunning and ruthless pilot who wins by any means
To challenge him, all the best Podrace pilots gather on the desert planet
Tatooine for the legendary BOONTA CLASSIC determined to claim the title of
fastest Podracer in the Galaxy...


|    PODRACING FAQ - Build Podracer (Mini) / Episode I: Racer (Mission)    |

Podracing takes place in Mos Espa on Tatooine. The mission is heavily based
on the Lucasarts game that carries the same name, as well as source material
from the Phantom Menace.

There are no level or skill requirements to finish it, and it can easily be
done at level 1. The mini will give you 1 MP while the mission gives 40 MP,
for a total of 41 MP.

You don't have to complete the whole mission in just one sitting, but it
can be done leisurely little by little over any amount of time and mud

At first, Podracing might seem intimidating and hard to learn, but once
you get the hang of it and get more and more upgrades, it will become
easier and easier...


    1    1  
   1      1         [R]      [t2]  [A] [S]         [ ]-[h]
  2       4          |      /    \    \ | \         |
   2     4          [j]-[t3]      [T1]-[H]-[ ]-----[ ]
   2     4                  \    /          |     /
   2      4                  [t4]          [B] [s]
   2      4 
   2      4 
    2     4     s = Spaceport               A = Audience (up)
    2    4      B = Inside the Blue Brubb   t = Jundland Wastes Boonta track
    3   4       H = Podracer Hangar         j = Jundland Wastes
    3  4        S = Watto's Junk Shop       R = The Tusken Turn (crack)
    3   3       T = Boonta track            h = Slave Hovel
    3  3    


1) Salvage enough parts from crashed Pods and return them to Watto so you'll
   complete the mini. A good way to do this without racing yourself is to
   start a bet race at the Podracer Arena.  

2) Buy the Balta-Trabaat Pod for 5,000 credits from Watto. This is the only
   Pod you will be able to win a race with, the other two Pods are too slow.

3) Win enough Championship races (the first option when picking races) so
   you'll be allowed to buy all the upgrades from Watto, the most important
   one being the final upgrade: the Plug-F Mammoth. This works almost like a
   nitro boost for your Pod.

4) Optional: Sabotage Sebulba's Pod, which is located in the Podracer Hangar.

5) Win the Boonta Classic (3rd option when picking races). This will award
   you the mission. If you win this without sabotaging Sebulba's Pod, you
   will get a special adornment.

6) Optional: Claim your prize from Watto, to earn the money back that you
   have invested in your Pod.


The first step of completing the mission is to finish the mini by helping
out Watto in Watto's Junk Shop (ne, w, nw from Mos Espa Spaceport). He needs
parts from wrecked Pods to be able to build a faster Pod for you to buy.
If you 'ask watto for help' he will give you the details.

The best way to get hold of parts without entering a race yourself is to
start a bet race at the Podracer Arena. Read the section on BETTING for
more information on how to do this.

Once a Podracer crashes you can scout out its wreck on one of the four track
rooms (west of the Podracer Arena) and 'salvage' a part from it. There are
three different kinds of parts you can get; screw, coil and Thruster.

    Part                          Value
    Thruster                250 credits
    coil                    100 credits
    screw                    50 credits

To complete the mini you need to give Watto 1,000 credits worth of parts.
In the best case scenario that means 4 Thrusters, the worst case 20 screws.

You should be able to get around 1.8 parts on average per Bet Race, each
part will be worth average 136 credits, which means you will need 4.08 Bet
Races to get enough parts.

Each Bet Race lasts on average four and a half minutes, which means it will
take around 18 minutes to finish the mini that way... Phew!

Even though Watto gives a suggestion on what kind of parts he needs, you
can still give him any of the three parts.

You can salvage part from all brands of pods except one, the Plug-G Mammoth
pod. You only have a five minutes from when a pod crashes until the Jawa
scrap dealers come and take the wreck with them. If that happens, you still
have a 150 seconds to get to the Sandcrawler and 'salvage' from the wreck

Completing this step finishes the mini "Build Podracer" and awards the
player 1 MP.


Now it's time to explore Watto's Junk Shop, 'read sign' to see what he has
in stock.

Some items will not be available to buy until you have become a more
distinguished Podracer by winning PodXP (Pod Experience) by racing. The cost
of the upgrades are the same as the amount of PodXP needed to buy them.

You need to deposit money into your Pod account to be able to buy upgrades.
After the mini has been completed you can still give Watto parts from
wrecked Pods and he will put the money into your account. Getting a
fully upgraded Pod can be expensive, so this is a way to make it a little

The next step is to buy the Balta-Trabaat BT410 Quadra-Pod for 5,000
credits from Watto. This is the fastest of the three Pods and the only one
that you will have a chance of winning with.

You also get a Podracer's manual which you should read at this point. The
rest of the FAQ will assume that you have read it.


Once you've done all that, all preparations are complete and it's time to
start the real mission by racing Championship races.

South from Watto's Junk Shop is the crowded Podracer Hangar. Here you can
'exa pods' to see all the players Pods, or 'spot' to have a look at your

If you 'read sign' you'll see what kind of races you can enter. The first
few times you try it might be a good idea to enter a Time-Trial race so
you can get a feel for Podracing. See the section on CONTROLS/TRIGGERS for
more information.


  There are three types of races you can 'enter' if you own a Pod:

  1) Championship  -  You  are  up against a   ____________________________
     full grid  of competitors, either human  | PodXP                      |
     or  computer-controlled,  depending  on  | Gold   1,000  Bronze   250 |
     how many  players  are participating in  | Silver   500  Finish    50 |
     the race.  In a  Championship race  you   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     are  rewarded  PodXP  according to  how
     well you do in the race.

  2) Time-Trial  -  You  race  against  the clock,  trying  to  improve your
     records. This is a  good way to get familiar with your vehicle.  If you
     beat Troland Trotter  and win the race, then  other  players will be up
     against YOU when they race Time-Trial!

       ____    3) Boonta Classic -  You  race  against the reigning champion
     (|    |)     Sebulba  and   some  of  the  hardest  computer-controlled
       \  /       podracers around. The  rewards are great  if you win  this
        )(        race!
     |______|     WARNING:  This  race  is  not   recommended  for  beginner
                  Podracer pilots. You will need a very fast Pod to win.


Your next goal is to get at least 25,000 PodXP so you can get the Plug-F
Mammoth upgrade for your Pod which makes it go much faster. You will need
this before you try to go for the Boonta Classic race.

Winning first place will award you 1,000 PodXP, so you will have to win
at least 25 times in the best case scenario. But usually it will take a
little more than that, 30 to 50 races should do the trick.

Once you have the Plug-F Mammoth you're ready for the final part of the
Mission, beating Sebulba at the Boonta Classic!


There's an easy and a hard way of doing this. The easy way is to first
sabotage Sebulba's Pod which can be found in the Podracer Hangar. If you
type 'spot sebulba' you will get a description of his Pod.

There are two possible outcomes, either you need to 'pull wires' or
'pull stabilizer' depending on the description. Once you've done this, Sebulba's
Pod has been sabotaged, making for a much easier Boonta Classic race.

If you choose to go the hard route and not sabotage Sebulba's Pod before
entering the Boonta Classic, he will be much harder to beat with race times
of about 2:00 - 2:15. You will get a better adornment from doing this though:

    (player) is the fastest Podracer in the Galaxy!
             (but has a penchant for doing things the hard way...)

    /    \   
   /      O    This map shows you the optimal points for boosting to
  L       x    achieve a lap time comparable to Sebulba's.
   x     x     
   x     x     The 'O' signifies the position when you should use your
   O      ^    boost.
   |      |  
   v      |    * Note that the boost right at the start, and at the very
    x     O      south will most likely make you crash and thereby lose
    x    x       speed, so it's best to have a trigger set up to get your
    O   x        throttle back up immediately.
    |  x     
    v   7    
    x  /     

The Boonta Classic race is just like the Championship race except all the
NPC Pods are of the fastest variety. You will find yourself getting rammed
a lot more than in Championships, but if you can get ahead quickly right
from the start, the rest of the race should be easy.


After you finish the Mission by winning the Boonta Classic you'll be
awarded with Boonta Cups which you can sell directly to Watto and that way
earn your money back:

  1st cup    25,000 credits    10th cup     1,850 credits
  2nd cup    18,750 credits    11th cup     1,400 credits
  3rd cup    14,050 credits    12th cup     1,050 credits
  4th cup    10,550 credits    13th cup       800 credits
  5th cup     7,900 credits    14th cup       600 credits
  6th cup     5,950 credits    15th cup       450 credits
  7th cup     4,450 credits    16th cup       350 credits
  8th cup     3,350 credits    17th cup+      250 credits
  9th cup     2,500 credits

A Balta-Trabaat Pod with all the upgrades will cost 58,250 credits. If you
decide to skip the Dual Power Cell and Dual 20 PCX Injector and instead
wait for their better counterparts Quad Power Cell and Mag-6 Injector you'll
spend 55,500 credits.

It only takes three Boonta Classic wins to break even, but you can still
keep on racing and selling Boonta Cups to Watto after that...


    789     7 = turn hard left (45')   9 = turn hard right (45')
    456     4 = turn left (15')        6 = turn right (15')
     23     2 = throttle stop          8 = throttle fast
    0       5 = boost (if upgrade is present)
            0 = ram                    3 = dodge

            give-up   =  Give up and withdraw from the race
            radio     =  Send a message over the Intercom
            pod-info  =  Display your current statistics

While it's possible to play the podrace with nothing but simple telnet,
it becomes a lot more convenient if you set up a mud client with triggers
and key macros. Key macros will let you assign certain keys to work much
like buttons in an arcade game, that is you only need to press the key once
to execute the command without having to press enter.

It's recommended to set up your numeric keypad with key macros corresponding
to each number (0-9) except for 1 which is unused. If you're playing on a
laptop you will have to get more inventive with your setup.

In a perfect world, the 45 degree hard turns '7' and '9' would be all the
that you would need to steer your Pod. But there are events that happen
during a race that will throw you off-course (Tusken Raiders shooting at
you, getting rammed by other Pods and boulders colliding with you)
so you need the normal 15 degree turns '4' and '6' as well when those events
take place.

At first, before you get the Injector upgrades for your Pod, engine sputter
can be a time stealer. When it happens, swiftly stop and restart your
engines, '2' and '8'.

With no upgrade, there's a 20% chance of getting engine sputter each move.
With the Dual 20 PCX Injector it gets reduced to 10%, and with the Mag-6
Injector further down to 4%.

Before you get the Control Stabilizer upgrade you will lose speed whenever
you turn hard left or right, '7' and '9'.  You can set up a key macro that
will do '7' '8', and '9' '8' whenever you hit '7' or '9' on the keypad.
Or you could just press '8' to 'throttle fast' whenever you use hard turns.

In the 4th segment of the track, you will have to dodge boulders by using
the 'dodge' command, or '3'.

Here is some scripting for zMUD, it's suggested you try a few races first
though so you know what you're scripting for:

    #TRIGGER {POD: Your engines sputter!} {2;8}
    #TRIGGER {*** A Tusken Raider is shooting at you!! ***} {2}
    #TRIGGER {** ** ** A boulder is coming down the} {3}
    #TRIGGER {** ** ** side of the canyon towards you!} {3}
    #TRIGGER {Throttle MED} {8}

    #KEY KEY0 {0}
    #KEY KEY2 {2}
    #KEY KEY3 {3}
    #KEY KEY4 {4}
    #KEY KEY5 {5}
    #KEY KEY6 {6}
    #KEY KEY7 {7}
    #KEY KEY8 {8}
    #KEY KEY9 {9}


Betting on the Podraces is a totally different way of interacting with it
which can be fun. It doesn't have anything to do with the Mission, but can
make it considerably easier and faster to finish the Mini, since it allows
you to get parts without having to race yourself.

You will need the left and right hand cymbals which can be found in the
Spaceport and Slave Hovel in Mos Espa. Once you have those, go to the
Audience and 'make crash' to wake up the announcer and start a bet race.

Shortly thereafter the bookmaker will arrive and you can ask him for 'odds'
to get a list of the Podracers you can bet on. Bet races are strictly NPC

You will need to 'collect' your winnings before the race ends since there is
no way to do it after the bookmaker leaves and goes back to the Blue Brubb.
Having triggers set up to do this is a good idea.

Nien Hoob gives the bets approximation the computer can give as to who
is going to win, but he's not always 100% accurate.

Here is some scripting for zMUD:

    #TRIGGER {w i n s   t h e   r a c e ! !} {collect}
    #TRIGGER {T h i r d   p l a c e   g o e s   t o} {collect}
    #TRIGGER {c o m e s   i n   s e c o n d !} {collect}


To make racing a little easier you can kill the Tusken Raiders at the Tusken
Turn and then have an accomplice use their rifles to shoot at the Pods while
you are racing.

The Raiders are aggressive so the Tusken Turn is not a safe place to idle in
case they respawn.

To get the most effect, the player who is shooting needs to utilize both
rifles. Leave one rifle on the ground and then shoot at the Pods, then 
'drop rifle', 'take rifle 2', 'wield rifle' - and ready to shoot again.

You can't shoot at the Pods during a bet race, since that would manipulate
the results.


While it's not required for the mission, it can be fun to interact with the
Podrace to get a position on the toplist, which can be found inside the Blue

It has sections for the following:

  * Podracers with the most PodXP.
  * Podracers with the most perfect laps.
  * Podracers who have won most Boonta Cups.
  * Players who have won most money gabling on Podraces.
  * Players who have destroyed most Podracers by sniping.
  * Record lap- and race times.


Young Anakin Skywalker can be found in Watto's Junk Shop. When he's not busy
talking about angels and stuff he gives some valuable advice on how to race:

    "When you get engine sputter, stop and restart your engines to save
     precious time."

    "A Pod doesn't keep its speed through a tight turn without
     a Control Stabilizer."

    "Be ready to dodge any boulders in the last part of the track."

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